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Melania Trump Jun 11
Thank you & for all you do to protect our children. I encourage everyone to learn more about how your state can help protect our most vulnerable from the effects of opioid abuse.
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YALLA! 14h
Laura Bush: 1 Melania Trump: 0 + 1 illegal Einstein Visa to get her illegal green card = illegal immigrant. Law Breaker
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donaldtrumpnewstoday Jun 15
Since Melania overstayed her visa and lied, let’s prosecute her and put Barron in a cage and see if she can
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The Daily Edge 15h
Laura Bush showing Melania Trump how to
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Paula Poundstone Jun 16
Perhaps Melania Trump could visit the imprisoned children at the border, and bring them the good news of her campaign.
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Ana Navarro 21h
, I hope you are feeling better. Now, about the children separated from their families at the border, please stop pretending you don’t know it is a cruel, unilateral interpretation by your husband and his Administration. He can stop it today.
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donaldtrumpnewstoday Jun 10
When 6 out of 6 allies say you’re a train wreck, you’re a train wreck!
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Hiral Tipirneni 1h
Children aren’t bargaining chips! This cruel, immoral policy is also putting children at risk from “toxic stress,” disrupting a brain development and harming long-term health. We must develop and implement effective, moral immigration policies.
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George Little Jun 16
I think it’s safe to say that if there was any shred of substance or meaning left to the campaign, it disappeared instantly with the forced separation of parents from their children.
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kathleen Z Roeberg 6h
Replying to @kathygriffin
The First Lady didn’t weigh in her staff weighed in. Let’s be honest here. The First Lady herself has been silent and absent. is meaningless... a publicity stunt. Laura Bush weighed in big time.
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The Daily Edge Jun 14
Lying. Bullying. Charity fraud. Tax fraud. Bribery. Money laundering. Conflicts of interest. Textbook racism. Sexual assault. Adultery with porn stars. Conspiring with a foreign adversary. At what point will the say "these are not our values"?
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Philip N Cohen Jun 12
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Stop taking children from their parents. Open our doors to immigrants and those seeking freedom and safety.
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Lisa M Jun 14
Replying to @CillizzaCNN @Acosta
I wonder if she talks to her children like that!
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Michelle Esteves 16h
Does separating little children from their parents fit your platform ?
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Jennifer Louden Jun 16
Where is on this very sad and disturbing situation on the Southern Border? I thought her focus as First Lady was on children. .
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donaldtrumpnewstoday Jun 14
Can’t help but notice Melania didn’t wish a birthday to her husband. I’m sure she got him a card.
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DebbieG 19h
Replying to @nytimes @FLOTUS
Melanie, , you're not being best.
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Bill Warren™ 🌮 Jun 16
Andy, do me a solid? When you see , tell her Bill from Indiana says hi. Now, she doesn't know me at all, and will say, "Who?" or "never heard of him"... Then say "chimichangs might ring a bell". It won't, but for 8-9 seconds she'll be thinking of me. , Andy
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Lee Radziwill 15h
It would to reunite these children with their families.
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Shauna Jun 16
Hey, bitch!! You are (apparently) all fired up about children’s safety when it comes to cyber bullying but when it comes to keeping children in cages...crickets. FUCK each and every one of you in this morally corrupt family/administration. Hell awaits.
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