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lambertizeme Jun 19
All this talk about playing in a new movie by director ...Maybe this will help? RT if you agree with this casting choice
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Soompi Sep 1
Director Spends Time With , , And Lee Soo Man In Seoul
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Director of 'Moulin Rouge!,' 'The Great Gatsby' and More Award-Winning Film, Baz Luhrmann Follows EXO's Kai on Instagram ✅ Follow
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Rai3 Sep 8
"How wonderful life is now you're in the world." , di , con e . Questa sera alle 21.20 su .
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Anne Vosser Jan 24
Excited and happy to announce I will be casting the UK Tour of directed by one of my fave people the fab-u-lous ! 💖
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MarianJArmy Jul 8
please consider James who has the charisma of Elvis, can sing, oh boy can he sing, and he can act!
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Dana Newkirk Feb 11
I feel like your favorite film gives away a lot about you. Mine is of course, Moulin Rouge. ♥️🐘
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Adam Lambert keen to play Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann's new biopic -
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Irène Neuschwander Jul 2
asks who should be chosen to play in the movie by & ... for me with absolutely no hesitation: ➡ ⬅ and for many reasons: voice, ressemblance, moves, sexiness, energy, kindness... 😍💙💙💙
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onthisdayfilm Nov 25
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NBR Jul 2
With , Daisy Ridley's feminist retelling of Hamlet, currently in theaters, we're thinking back on some of our favorite non-traditional Shakespeare adaptations on film... what're some of yours?
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Every Oscar Ever Sep 17
Nearly 20 years after the release of the film that earned the director an Oscar nomination, Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge" has lost none of its magic. It's been 6 years since Luhrmann - born on this date in 1962 - last directed a film, and I eagerly await his return.
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filmsolucanı 5 Dec 18
The Great Gatsby, 2013 🥃
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onthisdayfilm May 9
The Great Gatsby was released on this day 6 years ago (2013). -
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PRADA Dec 31
wears while attending the "GQ Man of the Year 2019" in Sidney.
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Kathleen Wimpelberg Jun 18
Looks✔️ Hair✔️ The lip thing✔️ Vocal ability ✔️✔️ Fashion✔️ Serious hip swivel swag✔️✔️✔️ And am betting would learn to play guitar if that would allow him to be The King in the biopic! 🕺🏻
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Anna Roberts May 13
It’s 20 years since told us that in 20 years we’d be jealous of ourselves 20 years ago 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
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✨Alexandra Popovic✨ Jul 2
Honestly, who in this day would come EVEN CLOSE to resembling besides Jonathan Rhys Meyers?!
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StageFaves Dec 3
Keep dancin’: Choreographer & judge directs the new 2020/2021 UK & Ireland tour of ’s musical , kicking off at 26 Sept-3 Oct at :
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