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Asfandyar Bhittani Sep 19
Largest Secular democracy I.e India arrests freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma for writing for Chinese Global times. In Pakistan, terrorist who actively fought in Balochistan works as journalist & another who received weapons training in Afg is now a politician.
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Srivatsa Sep 20
Modi Govt has muted the audio of Rajya Sabha TV when opposition parties are protesting against anti-Farmer bills! 🔸PARLIAMENT doesn't debate Bills 🔸PM doesn't do Press Conference 🔸MINISTERS don't have Data 🔸CAG doesn't audit 🔸MEDIA doesn't question Govt
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Kushal Kumar Sep 23
The hate that news studios manufacture round-the-clock, pitting one channel against the other, calling names, taking jibes, had to spill on ground someday. This, apparently after a reporter from guess-which channel abused others during their live.
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Uzma Nawaz Sep 24
Who did this?? 😅😅 Kadi Ninda !
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Prajwal Kuttappa Sep 20
Citizens asking too many questions ? - Dilute RTI MPs asking too many questions ? - Mute mikes Judge asking too many questions? - "Loya" them This is the reality of Modi's
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Adrina Alexisss Sep 25
Shout out to my ex-suerga for always keeping me dripped even though I leave her son every 2-3 months 🤣🥵🥳
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Ankit Mayank Sep 20
Replying to @srivatsayb
This Modi Govt belives only in one-sided communication. 👉It will do Mann Ki Baat but won't take any questions. 👉Media is already silent. 👉Dissenters are charged with UAPA and thrown into jail. 👉No question hour. 👉Now, opposition leaders are being muted too.
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Conscientious Observer Sep 24
It’s unbelievable the fiasco that has taken over “the greatest country on the face of the earth”.... ??
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KevB_Fashion_Tz 22h
Welcome Price: 50,000 Contact: +255717207427
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Mention_it_all 1h
Replying to @billshortenmp
hes to busy giving his mates our tax dollars, rorting the system, giving himself a payrise. He doesn't give a shit about real Australians. he's in it to make him and his mates richer.
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Gary Newperson 5h
What a has sadly become under watch too
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Faranak Azad 👑💙 Sep 25
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Ashok Upadhyay Sep 24
Editor-in-Chief moves around in Y category security. A reporter moves with bouncers. Will kind of journalism always need protection?
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Lalit Sep 25
Now I am sure people watch 'Republic' for 24×7 entertainment, not for news and it's reporters are best actors. It has action, drama, suspense, drugs,, I'm sorry babu, everything... live...
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Markus Mosderdamm Sep 25
Replying to @realTuckFrumper
Isn't it wonderful how authentically this idiot Trump presents what a is? As an American, I would be ashamed of such a idiotic president!
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A2K Enterprises (Mukesh Arora & Preeti ) Sep 20
General public must live like dumb deaf and blind.
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Palsi Sep 24
Funny part is even before Deepika visiting NCB, n channels are already reporting in their circus what she said or is suppose to say to NCB.. 😂😂😂
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Ravi Patel 🇮🇳 Sep 25
Aur kya kya dekhana padega 2020 me. Death of journalism After "drugs do drugs do", New version🤣🤣👇👇🤷‍♂️
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Stewart Allwood 23h
Replying to @MENnewsdesk
This is outrageous.
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Holger G. Armas Sep 25
Replying to @JoeBiden
Qatar admits it helped bail out Kushner's skyscraper 666 Fifth Avenue building cost $1.8 billion Timeline on Kushner, Qatar, 666 Fifth Avenue, and White House Policy
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