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David H. Dec 12
Replying to @Rivals
What a joke on Clay Webb. Mom has a new job at UGA ..... a great improvement from her job at Jax State. Time to declare dead again losing a prospect that was expected to declare for another school.
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RecruitingEagle 9h
Hilarious that fans’ online posts piling on , defending when their school apparently too scared to even play the .
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Chris Ryan Dec 14
The Barry Church experiment is over... Ronnie Harrison era is alive
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🌴Shanky ❌cWideleft🌴 15h
be hating that decision. Surprised they didn't cut to a dog show
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jay Dec 14
Great career but when u missed that kick against I knew we were in trouble. Yep it happened.
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marleymoodesigns Dec 11
coaster set (and yes, it pained me greatly to make these 😂) @ Memphis, Tennessee
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Quarterback Substitution 15h
, is an awesome young man! He’ll be missed in Tally, but thankfully he didn’t choose or that other school! live on! is still going to be special! 🏹💪
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Lady Schmidt Dec 13
Replying to @finebaum
It would still be Bama for the win but would love UCF to play a REAL team and show the uneducated fans that they are not in a real league
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Jeremy Dec 14
Replying to @SarahSpain
Because we Alabamians have the Fountain of Youth at our disposal
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unlisteddatafab💯 Dec 13
Because they media likes taking shots at us it makes them feel better! Same way they said duke could beat the they said could beat the now imagine that! The media gets no points because they really a bunch of cowards who wouldn't make it here
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Ali Dec 14
Replying to @hbmiv @GatorsFB
Sure if they can get past and which isn’t happening no time soon. Not as long as Sabin is around and now Kirby
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David Campbell Dec 14
Replying to @GoBlueHail
If not written with crayons fans can't read it!!! Nothing to worry about!!!
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John Ross Dec 8
Welp let the demolition commence
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Crimson Clio #RollTide 6h
Replying to @CrimsonClio
Poor TJ Simmons keeps getting flagged for blocking too well. These Big 12 defenders cant handle it. He may have transferred to WVU, but the kid just has too much in him.
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Jorge Luis Lopez Esq Dec 15
RT : I was gettin’ worried ‘bout til I saw him walk across camera view right at the end. NEEDS #2 for…
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Bay Area L.A.B. Dec 14
Is Locksley still going to be the OC for the bowl games?
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Michael Henry 20h
Throwback to when came to his senses during the iron bowl. @ South Bend, Indiana
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barton wright 15h
Replying to @theScore
Hawai’i and Washington big on
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Rolling Stone'D 16h
Replying to @DonMarlo32 @DanWolken
Outside 5 yrs of probation has never been mediocre. Been the top program and will continue to be... btw we can get any coach we want.
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Mike Farrell Dec 13
Changed my Futurecast for Kayvon Thibodeaux to
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