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Tyler Roberson 13h
is a bunch of punks
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Josh Lloyd 2h
If we beat I’m gonna smoke a cigar three feet long.
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Susan Nolen ❤️S&K 3h
Replying to @ClarksTN
Haha!.....but yeah you're probably right! I'll be there at that game!
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Foster W. Adams 45m
When beats , there can be zero doubt who the #1 team in the nation is. FOUR Top 10 wins, beating out #1 and #2 within a months time. Bring on a night game in
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Emmanuel Acho 21m
WOW. Well, Who wants now?? “IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!!” *Gladiator voice*
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... and Tennessee Too! #RollTide 💉 Oct 14
Replying to @CrimsonClio
Can you pin a video to a bulletin board? Bet is gonna buy a special one just for the occasion. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID!!! Also, who’s in charge here? Good grief.
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davideprince Oct 14
I know you’ve been waiting for Phoebe Joy’s (9-years-old) weekly breakdown of this weeks BAMA game on the church bulletin (my fav one). This is how 9-year-old fans watched the game
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Krewe du Drew 11m
ICYMI: & recap 's beatdown of Georgia, 's win over Mizzou & and the rest of the football weekend.
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gr82bAnAUTiger Oct 9
Replying to @DanWetzel
Yet you refuse to cruise through the football parking lot during a practice.
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John Vogel 3h
Replying to @BenjaminSolak
All we heard all off season was that Clemsons D-Line was going to be the "best ever in college football." I think they nailed the wrong team.
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Wade A Gautreau 1h
Replying to @C_Hanagriff
So predictable. That’s the .
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Crazy Fan Takes Oct 15
will beat & run the table to finish 9-3 & have a shot at the College Football Playoff. (📷 by )
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GeustGeoff 1h
fans are just violently destructive.
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Rolltide Alabama 2h
Alabama QB Mac Jones coaching sorority flag football team to undefeated record
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... and Tennessee Too! #RollTide 💉 5h
I got a crew of Guatemalan Gumps working on my roof this am. Boss came to drop off the stuff yesterday, saw all the posted in our garden and he and his crew came GEARED lol. What a glorious time to be a fan.
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65 South Sports 18m
Miracles happen: snap 108-year World Series drought Music City Miracle beat this weekend 🍊🏈
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Sleddin' style... More footage from yesterday's practice: WATCH -
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Jeff Fort 6h
I gotta support TRU-driver in this...I stopped watching too. Love watching highlights.
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Ben Kummer Oct 14
With the latest rankings out with at 1 and LSU at 5, chances are quite good that and I will be attending a Sat night matchup in the bayou between two Top 5 teams. Life is cray-cray.
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Vote November 6th 3h
We need representation that is more interested in it's constituents not lobbyists. That's why I'm asking you to follow and support her campaign for Congress in .
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