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Begawan Foundation Oct 23
At last week’s practical maths lesson, the learned about the different instructional washing symbols that can be found on clothes and how to wash them. The students then role-played the cashier, and the staff, set in a laundry shop.
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Begawan Foundation Oct 21
On Wednesday’s gardening class, our volunteers Tereza and Martin led the class and taught our about different gardening tools and their uses. They also learned the stages of plant growth. We hope that the garden can run successfully!
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Begawan Foundation Nov 7
Indonesia just celebrated its 90th year of . To commemorate, our participated in a variety of competitions, such as a quiz about Indonesian history, memorized the Pledge and competed in its recital, and played traditional games.
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Begawan Foundation Oct 29
Our learned about ! They discovered that some insects play a significant role in plant propagation and are beneficial to a garden. They also created their own insects using playdough, as well as materials gathered from the garden.
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