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Begawan Foundation Dec 12
As a reward for the who performed at the , a visit to our was arranged. The students observed and assisted in the preparation of bird food, & also used the binoculars to do some bird-watching on site.
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Begawan Foundation Nov 20
Our had a great time celebrating in our Learning Centre! They took the opportunity to create a short essay about their favorite moment spent with their fathers, then created greeting cards to wish them a Happy Father’s Day.
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Begawan Foundation Nov 7
Indonesia just celebrated its 90th year of . To commemorate, our participated in a variety of competitions, such as a quiz about Indonesian history, memorized the Pledge and competed in its recital, and played traditional games.
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Begawan Foundation Oct 29
Our learned about ! They discovered that some insects play a significant role in plant propagation and are beneficial to a garden. They also created their own insects using playdough, as well as materials gathered from the garden.
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