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Maya Gebeily 16h
Replying to @GebeilyM
It's open! 's heavily-secured Green Zone is open to through traffic tonight, on one year anniversary of declared win against IS. Dozens of cars, motorcycles have crossed main artery of the area so far in both directions.
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Owen Jones 2h
It starts in a store & ends in The Master Mariner pub in South Wales. Now available as a free audiobook too! Please RT
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Kelleci Jahja Dec 9
Stand up and leave the sleep behind its Islam that came back We walked in the path of Allah and declared the jihad
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Muhamad S. Ismail Dec 7
Replying to @MPSarkawtShams
Is it safe to be there? Several times thought ab visiting !
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Top news story
The Straits Times 4h
fortified Green Zone opens to public after 15 years
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Matthew S Dec 8
Here’s a few pictures of downtown !
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Rooftops in solar enables families to generate and consume their own energy, giving them more energy independence and making them less dependent on their electric utility. Find out more about
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Javier Espinosa 6h
The blast walls and barbed wire came down. The checkpoints went away. Opens to Public After 15 Years
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Independent Parasite Dec 9
I hate temporary , But LoVe Permanent ! . " Like a memory of you in my head "
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world_trade_bot Dec 5
Where should we go next? Maybe ?
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aya 🍒 Dec 2
Morning in beautiful 🌿
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Elaf_Alhassan Dec 5
I’m in a shoooock 🥳🥶I recover my Twitter account 🤭😎
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world_trade_bot Dec 4
We entered the city of . The people were caring but disappointed. We traded a couple of 🐊 in exchange for oodles of 🍁.
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: On 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was marked in in an event hosted by Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights; attended by govt officials, dignitaries, human rights & CSO activists
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Pauline Park 4h
in 1258, the leader seized , bringing an end to the caliphate, a turning point in the of the & worlds & the cultural legacy of Harun al-Rashid & the other great Abbasid caliphs...
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Nêçîrvanê Îso Chaldu Dec 5
Replying to @NRT_English
WTF? If is forming customs checkpoints within the country, that means, that Iraq doesn't exist anymore. Appeal to the , declare the independence and push them to recognize it. Where is your diplomacy?
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Maya Gebeily 13h
Replying to @AFP
Our story from , updated with: *Green Zone partially reopens *Hashed al-Shaabi reax on one-year anniversary of IS defeat *Laundry list of challenges facing today
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BasNews English Dec 3
Some flights delayed at International Airport due to bad weather.
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Fight Ignorance Dec 5
the Bush dynasty of crimes, Julian Assange still at Ecuadorian embassy, Chelsea Manning is on Twitter & George Bush cries over the death of his father while his military occupier slaughters Iraqi civilians in the streets of . Slaughter & reign of terror #911#Bush dynasty
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, , 8 December 2018 - DSRSG Alice Walpole today hosted a call by a visiting Polish delegation led by Polish Minister for Humanitarian Aid Beata Kempa and accompanied by Polish Ambassador to Iraq Beata Peksa.
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Trending Iraq News 1h
reopens fortified Green Zone a year after ousted from
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