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Adam Highsted 6h
Bussmans holiday for the unemployed this. How do people do this daily?
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ᑎEIᒪ ᖇOᗪᗪIᑕK 11h
Canny get ower the amount of tweets about a game nearly 20 years ago 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.
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Treasa Maoileanaigh🇮🇪 8h
Replying to @manwithtwopints
What's with all the numbers after your name?
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atomictrigger Apr 3
does anyone else find it strange that businesses are always only 2 weeks from devastating tits up failure? like...doesn't anyone make a profit that allows for trying times?
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B   I   Z Apr 2
Niggas do this? 👀
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@PeggyBrava™ #Resist Apr 1
Watched the episode of where Barnaby referees a match.Anyone even know all the rules? What's the point of cricket? ALSO: There was a point in the series where I detested the character of Joyce, thought she was dull--later episodes she's FUNNY!!
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Kiran Raichura Apr 5
Trump: "This will be probably the toughest week...there will be a lot of death" Also Trump when asked about Easter weekend relaxation of rules: "The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself"
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leyton lewis Mar 30
Why do women tilt there head when they look in a mirror
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🎬Lele 🎬 19h
Joe Exotic had two husbands and some of y'all can't even get one. What is life...😭😭
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Samira Nadkarni Apr 1
I've had the oddest conversation over the last week with an academic who wants to write about transformative justice but doesn't want... to... live it??? Why would you work on these ideas if not to use them daily???
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📚Tabatha Stirling📚 Mar 31
Sore throat completely gone. Sniffles still present. No fever.
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Chris Mabberley Apr 5
at 1pm basically broadcasting the text of the Queens national address due at 8pm tonight, I just don't get it 🤔
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Rebooted Apr 2
Well this idealistic piece of racist, anti-Australian BS aged well, didn't it? Support everyone else EXCEPT Australians seem to be the leftists dream. And people actually vote for this.
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Ben Knight Mar 30
Still seeing alot of advertised vehicles on the road that most deffinetly aren’t essential businesses.
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Edward Heyburn Apr 2
Replying to @NYGovCuomo
Apparently, you just need to tell one of Trumps friends who will tell Trump who will tell Jared Kushner who will call you and then get you the supplies.
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Nick Kambounias Mar 30
How can the and expect for parents to not get a full refund for a service not provided?
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Aphra Mar 30
disappointed that the couple stuck in Peru weren’t asked why they decided to keep travelling. And then they have the audacity to call the government ‘unwilling’ to help them...
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Sarah Quigley Apr 4
Replying to @spacegirlbooks
There's an odd entitlement to space for some in ! at lidos many swimmers 'in training' for a triathlon merrily smash into kids, elderly & other swimmers because they have 'their' lane! Some 'serious' runners run like this too even now, &infuriating!
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The-Mudasir Mehraj💙 Apr 1
Replying to @ZairaWasimmm
Does metaphysical things like luv exist anywhere in the cosmos...Is heart having its own sensation... ??? and
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CKRacingUK +Events 🏎🏍🏁🇮🇹🇬🇧 Apr 2
Replying to @MarcherLord1
Its like the MOT, just proves that it/your fit for purpose that day! Tomorrow who knows?
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