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Audacious Arsh 7 Jun 20
It's seems took a step towards women empowerment by playing these outstanding roles since 2016 and I luv them all 😍 but my favorite is . So What's your opinion as a game changer and close to her ❤️ mam can you please ?
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Bollywood Bhangas Jun 18
Replying to @taapsee
You must example them your last release
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Suchin Mehrotra Jun 16
When's out on streaming platforms?
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taran adarsh Jun 21
. . . . . . Now ... Non-holiday releases, yet successful... Proves yet again, deliver qualitative content and non-holidays will turn into a celebration/festival for investors. Note: 2019 releases.
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the boy next door Jun 20
Replying to @comet_neon
With some details changed, was a full copy of Oriol Paulo's . Still an engaging thriller, although feel more familiar and predictable, even if you haven't watched the original. Which is say something about the directing of this remake. [★★★☆☆]
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Lokesh Sharma Jun 22
ji, just saw movie Badla.. what an amazing movie, salute to your active once again Amit ji. You are God of acting. U hi nahi apko star of the millennium kahte 👏👏
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Hussain azeem Jun 21
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ૠષિ | Rishi 12h
I tried watching this movie and couldn’t finish it.
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Jiya Seher 10h
What was the last movie you saw? — my kind of movie❤️
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News Nation 15h
Taapsee Pannu trolled for less dialogues in ‘Badla’; her reply is EPIC!
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BombayTimes 10h
.'s character in got her sister scared
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Exactly the same here.. is lit💥💥💥
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Shruti Jain 🇮🇳 | BLEEDBLUE 5h
ok! so let's talk about this movie . Despite being mother to a kid, the lead cheats on her husband, kills an innocent & later murders her boyfriend to save her career & company, tries to frame a grieving old couple for a murder. feminist na!
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Sheran Daji Nanayakkara Jun 18
Sir Bachan ... I just watched And I have to say what a fine performance. Wow . Sir You are Gift to the nation . Wonderful . Thank you for representing the Bollywood film industry.
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Archana Vijayan Jun 22
is a brilliant movie.
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. Jun 22
Replying to @AsyaBhatt
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Shubha Acharya Jun 19
Just watched amazing story line and what wonderful acting wow! Thrilled love from nepal
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Taapsee Pannu's Sister Was WORRIED That The Actress Would Kill Someone After 'Badla'!
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8 Jun 22
again one the best scenes of the fabulous movie 😍back to back hit films
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Anu Jun 15
is 10x better than but it still falls short! Nevertheless, it is a good attempt and that’s about it.
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