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YFCU President Nov 10
Promoting Agriculture in London Show! 🇬🇧
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NFU South East Nov 12
We're very proud of you here and thank you for taking part, helping people realise why we all need to 😃
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Imel Ltd 4h
Next time you are at Lanark & Wigton Livestock Auction Marts, keep your eyes peeled for CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd Brokers Ltd fabulous new poster.
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field fare 5h
Why not visit your Local Farm Shop - show your support for British Farmers, support your local community &
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NWF Agriculture 6h
There are still spaces left for the @newgenerationforum on 20th November call 01892 337951
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Soil Fertility Services 6h
Brilliant rooting & NO Flea Beetle. Don't like to say we told you so, but...
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Sands Sprayers 4h
Replying to @NFUtweets
We can help you out with this for next year if needed.
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Mike Thomas Nov 9
Today’s the day. Its day. Look out in the parade for & our fantastic tractor and combine harvester and remember to !
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D&H Direct 35m
Our catalogue is full of farming, equine and veterinary products, and it's free! 🐮🚜🌿 Request your copy here:
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Ben McGill Nov 8
Replying to @Donaldmatt6 @NFUtweets
Congratulations Matt! An excellent platform to spread the word!
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Liz Hoggarth Nov 12
Settled in to our new collection centre in Garstang. The boys are happy!! 🙌🏼 🐮🐮🐮
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Red Tractor Farmers Nov 10
Half way through the and passing by St. Paul’s Cathedral
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AgrilandUK 5h
'One person even thanked me for producing food and for his breakfast'
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Farmers Of The UK Nov 10
Replying to @overthefarmgate
Uh hello 👋😊 there are some great contributions to this twitter feed you do worse than checking back over the year to see some great farmers 😁
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NFUsouthwest Nov 12
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Becky Roper Nov 13
Dad will be on Radio 4 this Thursday discussing our involvement with Sugar Beet over the years as growers and why we still grow despite our nearest factory being 150 miles away
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Hannah Batty 2h
Not only has given me a career, , and the they come to the rescue in times of need and busy days with emergency and for that I couldn’t be more grateful
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Heather Young Nov 11
Replying to @M_launderfarm
So glad you joined us to help spread the message to the streets of London! It’s so nice to hear such positive feedback and thanks from the general public
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Katie Anderson Nov 11
Replying to @TbWatkin
Thanks Tobias!
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Manor Farm Surrey Nov 9
Hope you arrive in time! & lots of ppl interested in where their food comes from & produced to high standards, will listen out for
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