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George Station 11h
What do / studies even mean when they say students are “taking notes” on a “lecture” whether with a device or by hand?
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Carlos⚽️ 21h
Party at Israh’s come thru
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Corporate Counsel Business Journal Jan 15
The Unanticipated Costs of Programs
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Efigenia Zambrano Jan 18
playing Great closure for a lesson and a fun way to check for understanding
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Mark Elwood Jan 18
Banning BYOD doesnt make any sense. It stifles productivity, annoys employees and limits recruitment. If your firm does it, it should stop! Read our article on to find out how a ban on is stifling
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Kristina T 7h
Learn from senior analyst @GeApp_Zach about the cyber security risks posed by smart home devices.
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James Willes 14h
You can see not only the heads of the students, but also their thoughts while using app “Our Minds AR”. Typing a text message on a smartphone will get it into the speech bubble, visible to the meeting chair or to everyone via Augmented Reality:
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Cass - Telecom Jan 18
Countless studies have shown that staff will use personal devices for work purposes whether officially sanctioned or not. BYOD recognizes this fact and transforms personal device usage from uncontrolled to secure. Here's how.
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Zala Bricelj - the name is ZALA  🙋 Jan 18
Sometimes things just land on your timeline, when you need them 😊 I now know there's and I'm enjoying going through this wakelet collection of bitmojis, fun and learning. Definitely need to catch the next one 👇
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BYOD is an essential component to many progressive flexible working policies. New technology is changing the way we work at such a rapid rate and the introduction of apps that give its users a second number 👇
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Sonali Datta Jan 18
While is making a whole lot of noise in the environment, how much awareness do you have about the best practices and BYOD policies? Check out the blog here to gain some ideas
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Enterprise CIO Jan 18
Enterprise mobility advances in 2019: , cybersecurity, and advanced tech
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Appurity 10h
Doddle stays competitive with an solution to deploy secure mobile devices & apps [Case Study]
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Nate Jan 18
Lol that’s what I’m planning! It’s gonna be Project Rick...
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Rachel Berg Jan 18
Attention all students!! Check PowerSchool to find your 2nd semester schedules!!! No schedules posted on Tuesday!
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6 Best Practices You Should Know Before Implementing Printing for Your Enterprise! Download the white paper now:
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Sam Terry Jan 16
During a class, the teacher will immediately see the answers from each student and will be able to grade them usung app “Our Minds AR”. During meetings or in teamwork, every students will be able ask questions and share ideas, without waiting:
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Laura Rickard Jan 16
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Dr Katharine Welsh Jan 17
The team might be interested depending on dates and availability. We have conducted research into in fieldwork learning 😊
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Neil Cocklin Jan 16
Replying to @LTHEchat
A1. generally for me is about flexibility and using software and hardware that makes sense to the individual to achieve a specific goal.
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