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Macleod Lettings™️ 7 Oct 16
Dissapointing news for likely to reduce the number of properties
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Tom 21 May 16
Replying to @BSLettings
I donated £1,000 to help out my landlord. Just hope it's enough, innit.
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Stuart Offord 8 Jul 15
Osborne adopting the populist position on by introducing measures that are unlikely to benefit either home buyers or renters.
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DNS Accountants 19 Apr 18
Why Buy To Let investors need specialist ? Without proper advise many end up paying penalties for not meeting the requirements or end up...
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Abi Lewis 13 Jun 17
Replying to @JustLandlords
Taxing 1.75million private landlords into oblivion was always going to have consequences this is just one of them
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PIMS Landlords Jul 14
Incoming chancellor will face onslaught to change BTL tax policies
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The Money Man 11 Nov 14
I'm a buy-to-let investor - could I pay less tax by setting up a limited… []
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