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Kay Soyemi (Esq.) 4h
Replying to @ng_niyi @DrJoeAbah
Aside, I believe is doing his bits to arm Nigerians with information and knowledge.
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Brian Wood MC Dec 11
Replying to @BattleReadyFuel
My pleasure
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gelcys 13h
You've got a friend, and selfie in me. 😂😉💙💚💜 . . .
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ọbataofokachi🛡 Dec 13
Replying to @dioland @5_News and 2 others
You're not an 'angry black woman'. Nope. You can't be. I doubt if your Taraji Henson in Acrimony. Pls don't be. I get your strong feelings about and I think it's admirable y'all standing up for her like that, but the needs to be cut some slack, same as her.
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RyuZoku Dec 12
sparks a revolution in space travel and space suit designs by going to Mars. Take the higher orbital trip! . ! 🙃🚀
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DrMorak Dec 12
Watched him. Brilliant conversation with team. Reminds me of . In my opinion, he's the man to beat.
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TimVanMartin Dec 14
Yo wassup Not sure why I look so grumpy, guess that’s my face
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BRF firma venta de Quickfood en la Argentina.
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Elizabeth K Mahon Dec 9
So now Meghan is copying Kate's wardrobe? The RR won't let Meghan have anything. Next thing you know they'll be saying the cookbook was Kate's idea as well. .
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Laurie De Freitas Dec 7
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Laurie De Freitas Dec 6
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Kahtay Heetay Dec 6
Twinning with my BRF on tonight’s run! @ Antrim Park
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Watch Lions vs Chargers Live Online Tv Streaming Dec 6
Watch NFR 2018 Live Watch NFR Live On Your PC! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
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