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Eze barca Nov 20
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone.Stand up for what you believe in even if it causes waves.. is our right and we must get it. Have a wonderful Friday.
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Media 📝🎥:STANCITY🌎WORLD#MNK™© Nov 22
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Okonkwo Post Nov 15
"With their long history of struggle, the people of who seek to break away from neo-colonial Nigeria want to build for themselves a new civilization where African life, all human life, fundamentally, is sacrosanct." ~ Prof. Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe
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Machuks Okonkwor 17h
The resignation of Uche Mefor is one of the reason we have to train our hearts and understand that in any struggle everyone is a soldier We must be ready at all times and focus on our goal which is Enough said We move✊
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Emeka Gift Nov 16
: Official goodbye to Nigeria by IPOB IGWEBUIKE Obigbo zone in Ig... via
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Machuks Okonkwor Nov 22
Is either or Spread the good news
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Chukwu Stanley Nov 22
All thanks to who made it possible for me to witness another 365days in my life 🙌🙌 Once again, happy birthday to myself 🎂🥂 ... And I pray that my next birthday will be in (USB) iseee
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Christain obite Nov 15
The whole world are now understand that without people; there will be nothing like -area called {Nigeria 🇳🇬} I thank Chukwu Okike Abiama for our nation he's working to restore us back. God bless and protect him always.
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Ike Chuma 11h
Just wait until comes. THEY KNOW ! The ancient have it all !
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WHY ARE YOU FORCING ONE NIGERIA DOWN TO MY THROAT? Stop giving me poison biko and give me
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Iheanetu Okey Cosmas Nov 22
Replying to @MachuksO
Restoration of the only hope for Africa..........
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CC Nnadi Nov 20
O Lord remember our land and redeem it, in Jesus name. O Lord save our land from destruction, in Jesus name. Amen!
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Nolisa Christian Ifesinachi Nov 22
Replying to @Amaka_Ekwo
Dear Amaka Ekwo, we Biafrans appreciate your good work, history will always remember you, make sure you keep focus on the restoration of our dear Nation
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We continue on our unreletless pressure on our goal wish is
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Should fellow Scotland's example
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Mazi Chigozie Umebelechukwu 8h
We must Keep focus. Many will back out tomorrow, we must keep going and focus, for this movement is for the survival of our race.. I did not enter this struggle because of any Man, i am in this struggle because of the love of our motherland
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Machuks Okonkwor Nov 16
Our freedom is unstoppable, The restoration of is a mission that we must accomplish is inevitable Support
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Christain obite 13h
Nothing can stop us from this struggle. must restored. Many have failed and can never discourage others. We'll overcome all of them. Those that died will never die for nothing. All hail
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Emeka Gift Nov 22
Again I reiterate my commitment & that of Family Writers Press International in working with the leader of the Indigenous People of . Our mission is to restore Biafra & we have seen the capability, capacity & sincerity in hence we shall always work with him
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Mazi Obi Nov 14
Replying to @MaziNnamdiKanu
Freedom is not given, but taken! No matter what they do, we SHALL get our freedom. WILL be restored! Britain will do everything in their power to stop the restoration of , but they’ll FAIL! The fight is between us & Britain, not even Fulani.
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