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CryptoKid 13h
The Development Fund has surpassed 30% of the initial goal- with over 835 donations! Thanks to everyone supporting the future of !
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Martin Skieller Jun 15
is a shitcoin. It is going down. Seriously. Devs are fightning and acting like kids🤷‍♂️ Try not to laugh ☺️👇
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Luuk Weber 48m
Replying to @blockblanc
Right from the start inspired me with her passion and deep knowledge. Will never forget how she was schooling a group of 10 suited up investors during the Chainges AMA session. Picture from the hackathon after 30 something hours awake. You rock Elly!
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BlueRock 2h
Sharing dividends is totally decentralized with BlueRockcoin profit. No middle player Everyone is the main player
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underland Jun 9
The one thing this world needs is economic freedom let's make it happen
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aWebAnalysis 22m
Bitcoin Cash BCH Current Price: $437.32 1 Hour: 1.61 % | 24 Hours: 1.96 % | 7 Days: 12.71 % cash
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Hodlonight Andday 4m
Replying to @PeterMcCormack
Roger has burned so much cash on his silly ideals. Not to mention all the opportunity cost he paid for becoming hostile towards . He could have made Bitcoin and himself much better. And now, development is running out of funds. Yikes.
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James 4h
Don't be the last one stuck holding a bag.
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Bitcoin Cash Price 12h
Price of 1 BCH to USD: $428.26 (Change: +0.04 %) Price of 1 BCH to BTC: 0.04769875 Ƀ (Change: +0.92 %)
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Sher₿lock Holmes ⚡⚡ 2m
What the hell is this shit? Buy but push me onto where I can only buy .
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Tron Universal Coin Jun 9
Airdrop 2 as begun 👉 Follow link 👈 Retweet 👍 Tag 5friends Join telegram TRON UNI CASH AIRDROP 10TUC PER REFFRAL 👌 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 💯 Update❗Update ❗Update
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Airdrop Tweet 7h
RT haydenotto_: A respected business owner, and the first to accept a range of different cryptocurrencies in Fortitude Valley, explains why he has chosen to switch exclusively to payments.
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has the same amount of hashrate had in Jan 2017. It also has the exact same mining pool distribution. Yes, BTC has a lot more hash than BCH, but if you think BCH is not secure enough then you must have thought the same of BTC in 2017. is set to explode. Watch it 😉
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:RE 10h
dev doing some necro posting and damage control. Desperate attempts to revive a dead project. So how goes anarchy?
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Frenchy's Crypto Charts Jun 11
Replying to @FrenchysCrypto
has confirmed a rising wedge (bearish) breakout and looks to target wedge and pennant continuation targets of $340 to $355.
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$diegoˢᵛ Jun 15
I really cannot understand people that value almost double than . is a dead project, a game for anarchists while is capitalism at its best: innovation and fair competition.
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If you still hold & you know its going down. Do you swap for or ?
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BitsComplicated 7h
Whoa. June 17th! Some have shown interest in my previous threads... 😈 👀
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Cain 10h
For a coin with so much FUD, miners not affected.
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