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Taylor Swift Polls 16h
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슈가한모닝포포 4h
I vote for for Top Social Artist Jungkook
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Kal I-ARMY 💜 BTS Sep 21
BTS sing about many mental health topics, which comfort people since they can relate to it. Their voices are angelic and they won awards at , etc. They have worldwide attraction and hence deserve love from India. 💜
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i dont want to be alive Sep 18
wsh jss pas quoi dire mais jdois voter I voted for the Top Social Artist Award this year
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💜🇰🇷 Kor_US 🇺🇸💜 Sep 18
...I was just watching a TV special on a show called “This Is Us” (which looks to be awesome, so I’ll tune it next week) and I JUST realized the presenters of the TSA (that won) are stars on this show. Thanks and .
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💜•̀ㅅ•́ Gaviota 💜 가비  •̀ㅅ•́💜 Sep 17
NAMJOON got all Shy after he said his cute Fort Worth it!! President Joon too cute 😭😍💜
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