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Big Brother 22h
Is it me or do houseguests study way more than houseguests?
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Hicks 5207 Jul 20
Big Brother is way too long! There’s no need for 99 days. That’s why they need all those stupid twists. Take a page from
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has taken their foot off the pedal and is flooring it and to me it’s really showing even with all the dumb twists Canada is casting PLAYERS fans or not. Even the love of my life (lol) would bring hell to the morons
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Katelyn Jul 18
Replying to @rpitre89
I can’t even watch the American show anymore! I can’t stand them! is so much better!
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Patrick Hermann Jul 14
will always be better than
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Megan Joy Jul 16
Replying to @cflood03
Honestly I’ve had that same thought for the past couple seasons, but then I get sucked into still (although the most recent season kind of sucked) and realize it’s because the Canadians still play the game while the US are just on the show to become InstaFamous.
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krystle corriveau Jul 17
This is why is SO much better. They are always so much nicer. Awful people!
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Deborah 🙋🏾 15h
Replying to @theikawong
Wow! Love this dialogue and the vibe! Thank you both ❤️🤗
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Mac 9h
Big Brother World War (A THREAD): Past BBUK, BBCAN, and BBUS houseguests live in a house for four weeks in Greenland in January for a sped-up version of Big Brother implementing twists from each of the three countries.
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Katie Lynn Jul 17
I might have to stop watching and only watch my anxiety can’t handle all the bullying. Seems to only be so intense in the American house.
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jojo Jul 17
was so much better than
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🌊Heathernee' 🌊 Jul 18
Replying to @Drew2Gucci
is superior in every way.
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#bb21 Jul 15
Also just psa, if anyone is tired of , feel free to check the link in my bio for seasons. Highly recommend bbcan2 for these underdog legends rising to power and dismantling the majority alliance. BBUS underdogs could never ugh!
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banner boy Jul 12
There's an alternate BB world where names like Neda and Paras and Kaela and Erica and Ika and Willow and Godfrey and Arisa would make you happy to be a BB fan.
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Dey Rivera Jul 17
I'll keep auditioning for even if it means I look like this when I get on! That's how badly I want to be on that show! 😉
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Darren C Mayberry Jul 18
Thank God for And BECAUSE thus far SUCKSSSSSSSSS! Nick u were gonna put up Jack and Michie 🤔 FOH!
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Katrina💥 19h
This is my all time favourite moment in big brother history!! ...The look they gave each other once they knew Neda can be touched was unreal!!
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aisosa Jul 20
Replying to @hamzahhofficial
we’re over BBUS for the season! defo rate this for — love island US is cringe in comparison to the UKs
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REAL🅿️otato4sure 🥔 Jul 19
As much as I complain about feeds downtime, it’s still so much better than feeds, where they go down for noms and return sometime Sunday afternoon. And don’t even get me started on how bad the feeds are!
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Rock Solid Productions Inc Jul 19
In studio and in Yonge & Dundas Square, knows how to give the public and houseguests a unique human-curling experience
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