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audrey ratajack Jul 12
: Worst season in BB history. :
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✳Logan✳ Jul 11
Could Paul be racist too for the way he treated Dominique? He basically had her evicted because he didn't like her. Hmmm..
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Will 🌴 Jul 13
No one: : *racism* Not a single person: : *misogyny* Literally no one: : *bullying* Us: Whew glad those trash seasons are over : “Hold my beer” *racism, misogyny, and bullying* Us:
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Tyrone' W. Jul 12
Congrats BB actually found a cast worst than . Didn't think it was possible. But you did
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jacquelyn Jul 12
Wow. My intense hatred of these people is giving me flashbacks to .
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No ma’am pam Jul 13
Sorry I guess the truth hurts ??? You keep bragging about your season like it was good when will go down in history as the worst season EVER! Yes is horrible but SO WAS YOUR WHACK SEASON! Period!
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Jill DuPont 12h
Replying to @JOSHMBB19
Now you know how we all felt during
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David Jul 13
This season of is disgustingly sick to watch. Worse than the bullying from . Bring everyone from Campcomeback back into the house and let America vote out 3 houseguest!
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Alex Kidwell Jul 11
Just a quick Public Service Announcement: Staying in the house all summer and watching live feeds of fucking ruined my mental health. I could feel my brain cells slip away all summer long. Please. Learn from my mistakes. Turn the bullshit off and get that ass outside!
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Brooke Siffrinn 8h
Remember when George Bush was President and we all thought it couldn't get worse and now we have Trump? Well = Bush and = Trump.
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Big_Brother_Fan_Account 11h
I thought was the worst season but this season blows it out of the water. This is the worst season I have ever watched and it makes me sick
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Ⓥ NaomiTodd 8h
There is no real way to accurately describe the truth of Live Feeds to casuals.. The best we can do is to say that what you are seeing is the opposite of the truth.. CBS should be ashamed. Now i'm going to go re-watch the horrible season of , as a relief from .
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Clark Baylor Jul 13
Ok people said this cast is worse than . But nobody ever would’ve comforted Jody the way several have with Nicole. Even if they’re fake they showed an ounce of compassion. BB19 would just try to break her more
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Dillon Ryan Jul 17
To those asking the difference- racist terrible people but good/decent game players. annoying mean sheep that couldn’t play at all but not necessarily evil or racist. - terrible game players, sheep, evil and racists!!! This is why u win for the worst bB EVERRRR!
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lex 4h
at least in my opinion, there’s been a pattern in the last few years of big brother, LOVED, hATED, LOVE LOVE LOVE, boringgg, GREAT, miserable, yes yes YES, you already know. sooo.. can’t wait for next year🤣🤣
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france. Jul 12
i thought we’re full of idiots but boy oh boy is giving them a run for their money i swear none of them even have a brain cell what is going on
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Tyrone' W. Jul 9
Kemi tried WARNING Sam, Nick, and Bella. But did they listen??? NO. It's Dominique trying to warn those Idiots ALL OVER AGAIN!
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Wood 11h
Replying to @CBSBigBrother
Worst cast of all time. And that is saying something considering and
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Matt Geoghegan 12h
Never thought we would ever get a group of nine more obnoxious than the bb19 jury but here we are. And only two short years later.
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Arika Shaw 17h
Replying to @deadskulltweets
Like for real until you at least acknowledge how shitty and enabling you were it doesn’t matter how valid your points are you have no place calling anyone else out. You sound so hypocritical.
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