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Not There Yet Nov 26
Replying to @TerenceCGannon @Medium
Once again proud and humbled to have 's 'The Arrow' now hit 2,000 reads on . To our many readers *thank you* 🙏🏻 for your interest and support. The starcrossed continues to be a story which many must find fascinating.
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Mayor Doug Measures 4 Dec 18
Welcome to ! An exciting time for the community to have the only replica of the Arrow CF-203 new home in Clearview.
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dan milligan Jul 18
was the root of 🇨🇦’s largest scandal when he sold his soul and the top 🇨🇦 aviation minds to the US in 1959. The was the world’s most advanced aircraft. alone was responsible for shutting it down. will be succumbing to
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Citizen_BraveNewWorld 28 Nov 19
Diefenbaker caved to the Americans...the US wasn't going to buy the most advanced jet in the world from lowly Canada. At least the Avro engineers helped the US get to the moon.
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Jeyan Jeganathan 7 Sep 17
Search crew looking for the 9 free-flight models in Lake Ontario believe they found something. This image is from their sonar.
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CMN Canadian Military News Mar 25
in 1958, the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow tooks its first flight.
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Fred Marchildon MBA 29 Mar 14
Here's a beauty! From @blissfilled1 the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow.
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Don Cranston 12 Jul 17
The Avro Arrow Was ’s Awesome, Pointless Jet Fighter
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Science North Educators 15 May 18
Tour day @cwsf_espc Lots of planes. Tour highly recommended.
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On this date in 1957, the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow prototype was unveiled to the public in Malton, Ontario. Photo credit: DND Archives, PL-107092
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Kraken Robotics Oct 9
When you are not only looking for a needle in a haystack but a needle in a haystack full of needles, you call Kraken 😎🪡✈️ We were, and continue to be, proud of our involvement in the Project.
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Marcus Dentrey Sep 8
My T-shirts from the 🇨🇦 aviation and space museum came! I’m going supersonic! and glow in the dark 🛫🚀🛩🛰♨️🇨🇦
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Mike Bechthold 22 Aug 18
On my way to Petawawa last week I chanced upon this treasure in Barry’s Bay. Zurakowski Park honours the first test pilot of the . An impressive memorial for an impressive man.
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Mr. Maillet 🇨🇦 25 Mar 18
Today is the 60th Anniversary of the first flight of the
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The record-breaking jet which still haunts a country.
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Not There Yet Jun 20
It is always very gratifying—humbling is actually a better word—when a new audience discovers a story which was written a while back. A nice little spike in reads on for 'The Arrow', the story about the . Thank you! 👏🏻
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Malton BIA 21 Aug 19
Bringing the community together is what the project is all about thank you for your support
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Vintage Toronto YYZ May 31
Arrow 202 in a turn with speed brakes on. The road in the middle of the photo is Derry Rd, going east into Malton towards Airport Rd. 1958 Avro photo.
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Andrew King 20 Feb 19
Replying to @twitandrewking
Did an escape the cutting torches to the UK, whether by its own own flight or in parts, remains a mystery. Perhaps one day an arrow will hit the bullseye and the truth will be known... (from info at )
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Kristy von Moos 3 Oct 17
Avro Arrow unveiled, Oct 4, 1957-same day that Sputnik launched.
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