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Mustapha Guninand 🇦🇺 Nov 9
I love Australia Day, to show world how proud Aussie I become. Have wives cook traditional gozleme and goat steak on weber, like real Aussie. And sit back smoke shisha with men tell story. Then do wrestling in leather pant and oil.
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Wodonga Council 14h
⏰ Time is running out to nominate a worthy citizen in Wodonga's awards. With many people in the community giving countless hours of their time to help, nominating them is a great way to recognise and thank them for all their hard work.
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Tony Hughes Nov 14
Replying to @PeteWargent
Imagine aussie Sco come , look out for him at barbie near you.
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Jay Luc Nov 6
6.5 million people in the state of get a for people (649,000 nationally) ask for a separate day to mourn and all the rednecks whine that "they don't deserve ANOTHER holiday".
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Max West Nov 11
As President of an independent Australia (or Prime Minister under the current system) I would bring an end to the politically correct influence over our nation. is and also being my birthday, councils who promote disunity will be punished.
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Art Vanderlay Nov 7
Replying to @SBSNews @ColBurns1954
I lean to the more side of politics but still think 26th Jan is the wrong day for a Holiday. Lets change it but without resorting to name calling or violence. Surely we are capable of that.
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FairfieldCityCouncil Nov 5
Does someone come to mind when you think of service to the community? Fairfield City Council's Australia Day Community Awards Nominations close next week! Make your nomination today!
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Heather Nov 8
Replying to @SBSNews
Easy. They will move as soon as ’s career is dead and buried (not long now)
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Christopher Cheng Nov 5
done @CelebrateAustraliaDay
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🇿🇦 defeated 🇦🇺 by eight wickets in their only previous ODI meeting at , on in January 2009.
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CityofTeaTreeGully Nov 13
Nominations for the 2019 City of Tea Tree Gully Australia Day Awards close 23 November.
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CowboyRusty Nov 6
All these people crying about the are the same shit cunts that whinge about , and all the other days. The majority of us don't give 2 fucks what u think so just shut the fuck up, we're over listening to ur shit.
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Charlize Theroff Nov 5
Replying to @ItsBouquet
it better fucking not be Indigenous persons should pick the date as part of our Apology for murdering their ancestors.
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Michael Bassett Nov 5
FFS...Did You Pedal On Your Hamster Wheel To Generate The Energy To Power Your Broadband Router & Laptop?...Go Back To Ignoring Vaccines & Leave Us Alone...I'm Sure There Is A Council Out There Needing Changed.
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Phil Watson #changethedate Nov 5
Replying to @dannynitv @NovaPeris
There's a petition for March 3rd Australia Day makes sense.
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Aust Conservatives Nov 14
To end the Australia Day wars, elect Australian Conservative Party senators to replace the Greens
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PlottingLeftistPlotter Nov 8
Oh just fuck off, you ridiculous (and probably criminal) ; & clearly corrupt
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African Australian Nov 14
Elijah Buol 🇦🇺 2019 QLD Local Hero 🏆 2019 Australian of the Year finalist Visit our FB page for more.
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D. Robert Digman Nov 9
On this 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, I say to all Australians: only Nazis would celebrate this date, so too we need to if is to become a day of common celebration. Lets find a date that doesn't rub salt in wounds & eyes.
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The Morning Squire 🌐 Nov 9
Dutton Threatens To Steal Councillor’s Children If They Change Australia Day
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