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Marcus Valdez Apr 16
Makes sense is outraged she can’t buy her way out of legal trouble for buying her kids into college. This country isn’t fair!
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Brian Orlando Apr 16
Oh yeah I forgot to express my outrage over Get over it people.... she didn’t try to hurt anyone. She broke some rules for her kids. Anyone that thinks that deserves jail time is bitter, jealous, and not friends with Dave Coulier so just CUT IT OUT
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Jeffery R Stone 👓 One Voice Loudly 6h
Replying to @ggreenwald
Did you have an that paid your way into law school?
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Wendy Chacon Apr 18
It's now called an
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Jimmy Maher 18h
Lori Loughlin shouldn't go to prison because she was good at reading lines someone wrote for her on a TV show 30 years ago? Think about that for a minute...
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Azucena DiBiscaglia 13h
Replying to @FaisalQasim_
What is this guy professor of? Sleezy Agent-ing or -ing? 🤨
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Keepin It Honest Apr 21
Replying to @AkaashSingh
is fucked.
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LoLo Apr 20
Replying to @WSJ
Blame the of the world
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Ucme Icu 6h
Replying to @ewarren
's Law
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funnycrat Apr 21
Replying to @NTarnopolsky
Then he got bumped for and her crew star daughter.
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Marcus Valdez Apr 20
Replying to @HaqCast
Just ask
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Erica Watson Apr 19
As someone who hasn’t really watched non-internet TV since about 2002 it’s kind of nice when TV jokes are suddenly about again. Like, I wouldn’t have predicted this being relevant ever again but yeah, I was there for that show.
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wendy feldman 3h
See this is how a person walks into court. Saying nothing and not wearing a T Shirt. But my girl. Brush your hair.
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Kelisa Wing Apr 18
Feds seek 4 mos jail time for Felicity Huffman for bribing her daughter into college. Tanya McDowell got 12 yrs for sending her son to the wrong school district. Kelley Williams-Bolar got 3 yrs & $30k fine for sending her daughters to the wrong district.
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Derek Logue of Apr 15
Because no one else is stating the obvious... Ahem. You can say that is about to trade a Full House for a Fuller House. Bah dum tiss
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Azucena DiBiscaglia Apr 19
Replying to @KateLeaa @ericuman
For the love of all the coddled 's, just b/c you dont want to be CALLED racist doesnt mean others cant/shouldnt call you out for saying something that is INDEED racist, racially insensitive, wildly racially self-centered etc. '' wht ppl are not being allies
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☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆ 9h
They akward moment when you got a notice from sallie mae STEALING YOUR and watch & walk away punishment free 🤬🤬🤬
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Nancy Apr 15
Replying to @usweekly
will lie and Jussie will swear to it.
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Trish B Apr 16
Replying to @ThePerezHilton
She said she didn't know what she she did was wrong. That would be fine but she literally was in a show that dealt with this and her character knew that IT WAS WRONG!! why
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LambyLam Apr 17
Replying to @PageSix
Well, she is an actress. maybe she'd prefer to be called a con "artist"???
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