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AsteroidTracker 15h
6 asteroids making their closest approach near today! details
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Chandrasekar Rao May 23
What would be the I energy released by (350-600 meters) Impact on Earth(in ocean?) & will it be an extinction level Event?
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Chandrasekar Rao May 9
Replying to @SpaceBiker2 @All
Hope possible (300-650 meters dia) threat to Earth discussed & hopefully this Hypothetical situation doesn't turn Real?
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SpaceByEli Jun 6
ūüí• ¬° 8 ASTEROIDES hicieron su acercamiento m√°s pr√≥ximo a la Tierra HOY! Tres de ellos NEA y son : 2019 JX2(Amor), 2014 MF18(Aten), 2019 KA3(Apollo) Detalles hoy! Ref.
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