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BudgIT Nigeria Apr 23
Pres. has directed to sell recovered assets within 6 month ultimatum—but there are serious concerns. Where's the list of the recovered assets? Who/where are the 'convicted' treasury looters? We've sent FOI requests to et al.
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Dear Sen. , despite the 50% of funds released to MDAs, you are yet to provide an update on the N1.550bn projects you nominated in the 2018 budget to your constituents? Public funds must work for the people.
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BudgIT Nigeria Apr 14
In 2018, the Buhari govt secretly & illegally diverted N378 billion from NLNG dividend funds to fund . N305 billion is set aside for same payment in 2019. But : “If anybody says he’s subsidizing anything, he’s a fraud. Who’s subsidizing who?”
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BudgIT Nigeria Apr 8
Did you know? Lagos has the highest domestic debt (N530.2 billion) in Nigeria despite generating the IGR of more than 30 states combined. All states wallow in debt. With no impressive infrastructure nor economic gain, the Q is, what are they using the money for?
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BREAKING!!! Sen. , representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Kaduna State, has responded to our request. We appreciate the swift response. We will track these projects in the letter and make our findings known to the people. Thank you!
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KingTasty Apr 23
What capture card should I buy from Best Buy today for my / and would the newer xbox be beneficial? I'm still using the launch day xbox one lmao
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Billy Jensen Dec 25
There are more than 200,000 unsolved murders in America since 1980. So odds are, more than one of you will be sitting down to Christmas dinner with a killer. Happy Holidays!
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BudgIT Nigeria Apr 22
Asset declaration by government officials is a MUST and very critical to transparency and accountability. Dear President , will you authorize the CCB to publish your declaration form or sanction it for keeping it secret?
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Open Kaduna Radio Apr 23
in collaboration with & will continue to demand for Accountability, however, citizens on whose behalf we carry this mandate MUST begin to
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Julie Ferguson 1h
Replying to @SheriSpain
I hold the Drs. accountable. If I break a bone, I'm heading right to a Dr. If I'm sick & not getting well, I'm off to the ER/Walk-in. But am I going to do my homework? Definitely. Am I going to take a drug that ends with 'quin? Don't think so.
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Your Next Pet Apr 22
Ask the tough questions about where their pets come from! Shelters/rescues should have a process 📋 to have stray pets checked for microchips and provide adopters w all vet care & behavioral assessment information. Visit:
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Alawode-James, OlaJumoke Dec 11
Late Tuesday night question: Someone said to name our best Minister in this administration. And I actually spent a minute thinking! 🙆🏿‍♀️ Let me ask my neighbours on this street. Please answer the question honestly & tell us why! This should be LifeFULL, abi?
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Yusuf Maitama Adamu 14h
Good morning . Kindly assist us in finding out what projects budgeted for /Toto federal constituency in the 2018 budget from our representative. .
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Eduplana 12h
. the current education fund structure does not reflect the lack of classroom instructional materials. Education is for Children & NOT just for Administrative purposes; Our Children deserve more than the capital spending of 8% in the proposed
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#InclusiveDevelopment 13h
Check out the 2019 Kaduna State Agric Sector Budget items by allocation & priority.
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Eduplana 13h
Hello the proposed allocation to Education isn't different from past years The current trend of Education underfunding has resulted in poor Education mgt in Nigeria This is dangerous for our human capital development; when will the Change come?
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#InclusiveDevelopment Apr 23
Check out the simplified version of the 2019 Kaduna State Agric Sector budget. Fellow towards improved service delivery in the agricultural sector of Kaduna state.
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Yinka Ogunnubi Apr 23
How many of you know your representatives in the State Houses of Assembly? How many of you know the bills passed into law in your state within the last few years? Do you know that 30 bills were passed into law in Lagos State between 2015 - 2018?
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Our Project Tracking Officer was on (Kano) to discussed the need for the Provision of Efficient Constituency Offices to bridge the Gap between Lawmakers and Constituents
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Allan Beveridge Apr 20
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