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Alison Monahan 9 Dec 14
Got a question on law practice management? Now you can !
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Kiananoo 9 Dec 14
Replying to @lawyerist
any benefits filing as a PC or PLLC instead of a sole proprietorship? Same taxes, same liability, less paper work
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Thomas G. Appel 3 Mar 15
Not quite sure what to think of new advertising/pricing model: , you've heard of this?
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Reminder, you can any time in our Q&A forum:
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To send a question for us to answer during the Lawyerist Podcast, use the hashtag.
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That’s a good main concern to have. Above all, find a mentor.
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Thomas G. Appel 2 Oct 15
What happened to your weekly lawyerist lab emails? I enjoyed them a lot.
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Thomas G. Appel 3 Mar 15
Replying to @samglover
I thought the exact same thing. More money but less search results.
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TBLS 15 Jan 15
Top advice from for young from the 's :
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