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Agricultural Engineer 11 Feb 18
So what about & after passing out of their guarantor? RIP
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Shama Junejo 5 Apr 16
Breaking: PPP Leader arrested from Dubai on 1.5b corruption charges
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Mahrukh Qureshi 5 Oct 15
Is President blackmailing govt to gain favors for his Brother accused in NAB referencs? Watch 7pm
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Ameer Abbas 5 Apr 16
Another leader hs bn arrested on corruption charges of 1.5 billions
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- Dor K Chairman Mtrooka Board Case Me Sy Griftar
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's to face multiple corruption cases
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Omar Irani 16 Feb 18
This is not the right way to project the step of SC, you must have heard what happened to yesterday. CJP thanked him for appearing and ordered his arrest. prob is scared of that. The other side can be seen as SC wanted him to appear on his own.
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's turned himself in to police’
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VisionOnlineTV 15 Feb 18
ETPB ex-chief Asif Hashmi arrested from Supreme Court
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Agricultural Engineer 1 Feb 18
Replying to @roy_komal
Specially this annoying soul must be punished. She always guarantees the MUJRIMS.
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Capital TV Oct 12
: Court extends 's judicial remand for 14 day
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PTI PP144 / NA123 6 Nov 13
Local Court issues arrest warrant of leader and ex. chief of "Matrooqa Imlaaq Board", . He was ticket holder of
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azfar hussain 5 Apr 16
Who is in PPP?
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Mr.Mughal 6 Feb 18
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Zahid Gishkori 30 Dec 16
Another day, another controversy in a Mission over bid to extradite ex-official.
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Erum Baloch 27 Jan 18
Replying to @Asma_Jahangir
And what about the ring of lawyers who lie in SC before CJP..?? What's the progress of case ma'am...??
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Zain Ali 26 Jun 13
Asif Hashmi is London in these days ,if he will not make his presence on the next hearing than his Passport may b cancelled.
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Capital TV May 14
: conducts hearing against regarding illegal recruitment and investment, court sends to jail on 14 days judicial remand
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Capital TV May 29
: extends judicial remand against till June 12
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Daily Pakistan Global 10 Feb 18
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