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Vijay Kumar 30m
Never lend your ears to disgruntled people like Arun Shourie etc. Their views are outright biased & prejudiced. To verify, check their statements made in 2013 or early 2014.
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Harikesh sharma 2h
Dear Sir I have opened the new company which is Pvt Ltd. But I need some financial services against Mudra Loan for start up but SBI bank is not giving it. So what I to do.
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Neetish Nov 14
Why is linked in learning at 18% GST ? do you think learning is a luxury ?
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s mariappan. 15h
go ahead sir
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Bounty Hunter Nov 13
Replying to @arunjaitley
Sir failed politics to aapke h Jo election tk nhi Jeet payee..
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#ST Nov 15
Terrorizing Tactics with BUYERS for Houses delayed by 4-5yrs, even whn my project is under RERA,where Builder is supposed to pay EMIs till Possession? without Construction, How do Banks give Loan payments of Thousands of FLATs,to Builders?
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Nicholas Wala Nov 12
Sir, did you know that the has no timeline driven metrics to return the shares and dividend transferred to them? Almost a 18 months and still struggling
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krishna Digital Nov 13
the worst festive season for retailers what r u doing ?
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MyNation 17m
Revenue secretary will retire by the end of this month.
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Cheer Times 18h
In the wake of the Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal governments withdrawing the "general consent" accorded to the CBI to conduct raids and probes, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Saturday said those who had a lot to hide would fear the central agency.
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We For News Nov 16
Only those who have a lot to hide have taken the step of not letting CBI come to their state. There is no sovereignty of any state in the matter of corruption. Andhra move is not motivated by any particular case but in fear of what is likely to happen: Union Minister
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Swadeshi Vichar 4h
Zero judicial reforms in last 4 years despite enjoying power Legal disasters of
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Prakash Kumar Nov 16
No any suitable word for this person ....because most heinous word has also some self respect and obligation towards nation.
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Free Press Journal Nov 13
Reply Retweet Like Nov 12
I am amazed to see Raghuraj Rajan playing dirty politics and making statements like a congressi when as an ex-Governer of RBI, he is supposed to speak like a professional and non-partisan economist. Instead he talks like a novelist congressman. Shame.
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Raju S 7h
The r limitless examples of small business have badly affected by these 2 decisions & it is bringing small business people like us on roads & with children educations & other expenses adding to health issues due to stress..If I die due to this I will blame
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Open Magazine Nov 16
Regulators ultimately decide the rules of the game and regulators have to have a third-eye, which is to be perpetually open. But unfortunately in the Indian system, we politicians are accountable, the regulators are not, says ~ by PR Ramesh
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Dr. Vishesh Rawat Nov 14
My son was was 6 yrs old when we booked a flat 9 yrs back. He will be an adult in a few years and still possession not in sight. Dreams crashed
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Vinay Lohiya Nov 15
Replying to @Swamy39
Plz implement it & help /
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Bikram Kishore B Nov 10
why are you guys not putting PC in jail??? Why delaying the process.. For the last few months of your govt pls forget about urself & party, just do it for the country.
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