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Pule Malapela Nov 13
Replying to @HermanMashaba
Such actions by is what sparked in Tunisia when an unemployed graduate burned himself to death after police had confiscated his stock of fruits and vegetables as a street vendor. There is a better way of handling this mr mayor.
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FETHI Farouk Nov 14
Replying to @ArabSpringonli1
were indubitably an important factor of "massive" mobilization during the so-called in this new connected world. However, organized civil society mobilization was a priori physical, were used as vehicule, thus it is not a the cause.
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eBRAHEEm Nov 13
Shot-glasses are not only used for liquor. They are regularly used in the Arab & Muslim countries for tea and Turkish coffee. That said, I despise the UAE.
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mica quiambao 1h
the definitely caused an uproar and this article explains the event in detail as how it first happened and how the government responded to it.
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Abu Muhammad Nov 13
Replying to @TalatHussain12
REAL FREEDOM is from man-made laws, REAL ACCOUNTABILITY is possible when standards can't change. This SYSTEM has failed from till . Only INDEPENDANT thinking & a comp ideology can bring the real change.
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ianai silberstein 3h
what is this obsession by the West to westernize Islam? was a backlash. it's enough having to deal with refugees & their values when they settle in the West... exporting & similar western values is a kind of disguised colonialism. unfitting & dangerous.
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Ecologia Digital 21h
"The way forward is not to cultivate nostalgia for the old-world information gatekeepers or for the idealism of the . It’s to figure out how our institutions, our checks & balances, and our societal safeguards should function in the 21st cent."
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Robynn #ArtofGenerosity James Nov 13
Agreed. We have the place all to ourselves. Remember ? Twitter can be a powerful organizing tool when the propagandists leave the room.
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Mars Dog Nov 10
Replying to @MorpheusCloud
You had for 8 years and he Gave the world the and the And the of
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Watching Naya Pakistan 🇵🇰 Nov 12
CIA use to prop up terrorists & gorilla fighters in countries it wanted to destabilise but since their experiment of , i.e prop up “peaceful” activists who cry of oppression, it starts slowly, like in Syria, Libya then gains momentum. is exactly that!
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Wed 14 Nov 12.30–14.00: , Meryem Abdelhafid & share new research on life in post-conflict Algeria, before & after . FREE PUBLIC EVENT Blackbird Room, Elm Bank, CV1 2JH Register email
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LetMeVote ♡ 6h
Looks like is right after all. want blood and murder to get intl attention. Not on our watch! will never be . We will vote. You you won’t around it by creating civil unrest.
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Geraldo Rivera Oct 18
I believe in pragmatic idealism-better to have a stable government (like 's)-than to insist as we did during (Obama) that there be an -we don't want to destabilize but My God-they cut the guys fingers off-then carved him up. Hard to ignore
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SophieCo Sep 24
Talked to Dr. Mustafa Abushagur, former Deputy PM and PM-elect of , talking about putting together the pieces of the land split by the - here are some of his thoughts on revolution legacy. In full here:
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Cedric Muhammad Oct 17
Though It's Hard For A Country Divided and Dying From The Poison of Partisanship To Admit - The & Are The Exact Same Movement Manifesting In Different Forms. They Are Not 'Mobs' - They Are 'Crowds' Of Dissatisfaction
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Ruchi Shukla Nov 5
Replying to @UN @OIC_OCI
It must be taken at highest level with & expedite impartial probe&based on its report,Saudi must be made accountable.His death shud not go invain&begin for freedom of expression against persecutions of free voice by US baptised Arab Kingdoms.
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Magnus O'Pus Aug 26
was a terrorist behind , he supported Al in , USA created ,
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study of #BeltandRoad May 1
Development might bring debt problems, but many poorer states face a urgent problem, if they don't use debt to develop their economy n create jobs, many or similar "spring" definitely wl come agn. So deve 1st, debt's problem can be resolved after it real comes.
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Tom S Jul 25
If you're doing a on the it might be a good idea to have at least one source post-2011
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Huda Mzioudet هدى مزيودات 🇹🇳 Nov 11
Has progressed since the ? via
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