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Wavy Boy Smith Oct 12
Dude killed his daughter for getting pregnant, had her lover framed & ritual sacrificed, then told the guy he usurped's daughter x the girl he kidnapped I'm gonna rape y'all EVERY YEAR & feed the rape babies to the witch we imprisoned in the woods. This nigga bad bad.
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Jessica Rose Oct 13
I’m watching 8 minutes in. That scene with the sheep on the boat 😭 Tell me I should keep going, guys. Tell me not to turn it off, that’s it’s worth it.
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Cody Doyle Oct 12
The music in has been some of the most unsettling sounds I’ve heard in a movie. It’s made it 10x creepier.
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Atheist Son Of A Preacher Man Oct 14
on is a top fucking shelf horror film. Think Wicker Man, but if the crazy fucker who made The Raid did it. The cinematography is stunning. Really intense violence. Good acting. Check it out
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david haller's pajama pants Oct 12
This movie has some gorgeous visuals.
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BAFTA Cymru Oct 12
arrives on today – a chilling production shot in Wales, and starring Welsh talent , and nominees & ! Listen to our Q&A with director Gareth Evans, producer Ed Talfan & others
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john papageorgiou 1m
In a nod to Halloween, the will be live Monday night, taking your calls about the new, -exclusive new horror movie . This is homework in 2018: Viewing a film you can watch while using the toilet.
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Replying to @TerrelleGraham
The Wicker Man is among my Horror favourites. starts off with a similar narrative thread, but very quickly starts to go deep into it’s own unique direction. The last 45 minutes are relentless.
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Sara Lynn Novak Oct 14
Do yourself a favor and watch on Netflix.
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Mark Lewis Jones Oct 12
Very proud to be a part of this. On Netflix from today. Enjoy!!
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Tuesday Addams 30m
"The promise of the divine is but an illusion". I'm loving and its dark, wood-and-stone, folk horror aesthetic. The Wicker Man without the quirkiness or lightness: unrelenting religious despair. Something of the .
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Pete James Oct 14
I hate to admit it, but Gareth Evans’ was really disappointing. Having adored The Raid movies and his “Safe Haven” segment from VHS 2, Apostle just kind of underwhelms, with a disjointed plot that offers few surprises and lacks the intensity of his prior efforts.
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🦑 2h
worst movie i‘ve seen this year and i watch a lot of crappy movies
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Pallav Gogoi Oct 14
Netflix's new Supernatural Horror Thriller is an average movie. The film starts beautifully, takes a pause, makes you fall asleep, gets interesting towards the end but fails to leave a mark. Too many genres in the movie make it utterly confusing and boring.
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Ashley Spencer 1h
Soon to find out whether watching on my own is a good idea or not 🙈🙈
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Effin’ Ashbronx 🐲 2h
Darn, what a blood chilling movie was that, ?
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Kyle Gray Oct 14
Added to my list on does it warrant the hype?
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reviews of stuff 2h
good British horror excellent cast and real gory stuff. Talented writer director who’s also welsh highly recommend all his movies. Fella really knows how to murder folk. 7/10. Worth a watch
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Mike Loftus Oct 18
Has anyone seen on Netflix?
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BarkingMadAboutFilms Oct 11
Replying to @IMDb @thatdanstevens
no question although can't wait for
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