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Everett Coldwell🇨🇦 2h
Canada’s Ambassador to Israel () has never criticized the state of Israel. Palestinians kids can be shot, homes can be bombed, land can be stolen. To her Palestinians just don’t matter. She epitomizes her Liberal government’s ugly foreign policy.
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Lobby for Cyprus 17h
1974-2019. The Republic of has endured 45 years of unlawful occupation, ethno-religious cleansing, colonisation, cultural destruction & . & are denied right to return. continues to act with impunity.
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Do Arab Israelis Really Suffer From ?
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Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine Jul 5
Journalist shows this new wall dividing the & drivers
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realSeifBitar Jul 5
The Handbook of Illustrated IMAGINE➤ Living Like This in Your Own Occupied Country! The video goes under the skin. do struggle for FREEDOM & DIGNITY. Check the nearest Psychiatrist if you do NOT comprehend why they do that
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Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine Jul 10
Israel is no different than Germany, committing horrendous crimes against civilians, including and
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Boycott Campaign - Palestine 🇵🇸 Jul 4
Israel is committing the Crime of as defined under international law, against all Palestinians, in historic Palestine and in exile. States are obligated to take steps - and military embargoes - to end apartheid.
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Dan Roodt Jul 5
RT: Poll of the day! Who invented ? Think carefully about your answer...
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Sergius Hispanicus Jul 17
Replying to @KRLS
Do not ever mention the name of Madiba. He was exactly the opposite of you . Your catalonian "pure blood buddies" are an example of modern . Shame you!
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The Jerusalem Post Jul 8
Nelson Mandela's grandson says Israel is an state.
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Press TV Jul 10
WATCH: Here is why has been described by many as an apartheid regime
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crazyworld Jul 19
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
Yep.Trump is a classic hardcore narcissist. Shaming, scapegoating, triangulation. You have a lying fascist demagogue on your hands, America. And he hasn't got the balls to stand by his words. That's the real man. Spineless. But now we know. is still alive, USA
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Phindile Mahlangu Jul 3
This interview of on is breaking my spirit. Private sector corruption is a new form of only black masses have suffered. It's a pity the let this happen, under their watch black people continue to suffer. I'm disappointed, I'm angry.
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Donkizele 13h
Replying to @fortunechasi
Tell this useless man to resign , we have suffered enough under Zanu Pf ,why can't you copy what regime did in SA ? they surrendered power to majority ,for the love of their country , today they are living side by side with their former enemies .
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Gaza Action Ireland Jul 19
Israel's separation wall endures, 15 years after ICJ ruling Free
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@Adam 8h
So Twitter is promoting us to call each other stupid. THE PEOPLE are not stupid.
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25 years on, perpetuating the Narrative, in as far as is concerned! Known 2 be a PREDOMINANTLY, PRIVILEGED CAUCASIAN SPORT. The BROADCASTER & the ETHNIC GROUP consistently FOUGHT TOOTH & NAIL, 2 KEEP IT THAT WAY!
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Damian from Brighton Jul 16
Labour is facing the same attacks from the establishment in the UK and US that the ANC and faced when they stood against . The truth is that is being relentlessly attacked because we challenge America’s offensive and illegal foreign policy.
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#TrueStateCapture🇿 Jul 19
: Why wld Tito Mboweni & Gill Marcus plead ignorance bt declare it "non existent" & definitely nt up fr discussion?In effect Feel obliged to cover major CORRUPTION of era?
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Guy Emerson Mount Jul 18
Speaking with the youth at Atholl Heights Primary School in Westville, . The conversation ranged from food history (hot dogs, tacos, etc.) to colonialism to to "Why are the police shooting Black people in Chicago?" (Yeah, seriously).
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