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Ann's will is freely downloadable from the National Archives, but it's quite hard to read so I have transcribed it. And anyway, I had nothing else to do that afternoon. Link to PDF:
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3 Nov. 1831: Anne has a spontaneous near-orgasm in the street: "in returning just near home thinking of Miss H so as to excite me, and stood ten minutes in the road with my hand touching me but not enough to incur a cross".
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Grace Anna Oct 19
Shibden Hall may be closed though activity just ramped up! Exciting to see staging for filming of season/ series 2 of Gentleman Jack begin! Source:
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Kate 18h
Veterinary care for Caradoc detailed. Mariana makes Anne feel ashamed of her posture and Anne resolves to improve it. ‘Stood singing over all my old songs before I could make up my mind to get into bed.’ #1824
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anne choma Oct 25
Can you imagine how privileged I felt being able to watch this iconic scene being filmed? I still get goosebumps watching it. Magical women. Magical scene. Magical.
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anne choma Oct 27
“She has already 9 children, is evidently constructing a tenth”
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Kate Oct 27
Home from the Lake District, Anne dashes upstairs to read letters from Miss Vallance and Miss Maclean (‘she likes me perhaps more than she is herself quite aware’) and…a kippered salmon has arrived from Tib. #1824
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2 Nov. 1831: Anne writes: "...'tis well perhaps that I should say of Miss H and my own heart: she found it warm and open as a summer's day; she left it closed in wintry mists and cold as they". 1/2
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Chlo Oct 24
22 March 1834: Anne is busy with more estate works and writes to Ann in York to ask her not to tell Steph about their engagement.
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Ashton Rose 🏳️‍🌈📚 Oct 26
I can't tell whether I'm crushing on Anne Lister or Suranne Jones playing Anne Lister.
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Kate Oct 26
Anne has some nice boiled milk and lots of rhubarb tart and then, like all road-trippers with convertibles, she and Aunt Anne enjoy the Lake District by putting the top down on the carriage. #1824
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Chris•tine and the HallowQueens 😈 🩸 Oct 27
Dearest and Adney sleeping in their chaumiere. ♥ (old but gold)
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CosmicNik Oct 23
A diary of Ann Walker being discovered days before filming due to start on series 2, covering the same time period, just smacks of Ann from beyond the veil saying "Now just hang on a bloody minute!" 😆
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Biljana Popović Oct 27
Replying to @bicapop
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SJ Riocain Oct 27
I do enjoy these Copenhagen transcriptions. Everyone wanting Anne's singular attention. Lady Harriet de Hagemann nee Hobart painted by her daughter Albinia circa 1845.
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SJ Riocain Oct 24
Extracts of Anne Lister's diaries published in the Halifax Guardian of 1889 are available through the link below. 🎩
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anne choma Oct 23
Anne Lister, 9th July 1833 "Bought a small compass and PAIR OF BLUE SPECTACLES" Sunglasses??? Let the comparisons begin with Ann Walker's diary!
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Adeline Lim 22h
June 1827: and the Barlows arrive at Colmar where they stay for 3 hours. They take in some sights and have dinner at the Trois Rois. Digging around in the French archives, I was delighted to find that the building still stood and even recognised with a plaque.
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It's the end of October 1831. At St Leonards, just outside Hastings, & have decided on 15 Pelham Cres. "How social & comfortable!"
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October 1831: & set off for Hastings: Lots more to come.
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