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💧Gay Thew 🇨🇳 6h
There isn’t anybody who loves prosperity more than .....especially his own and the dynasty
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💧Robert Collins Sep 19
I remember the days when a humble Paddington bear could bring down a Minister.
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Larvey - ❤️Thank you Victorians, well done! 👍🏽❤️ Sep 19
I see, so was that ghost water you bought from at a hugely inflated price, without tender or process, "an emerging industry"... is that why? Nothing but too much is enough for the LNP gang and their .
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Olivia 🦋 #Angusgate💧🌱☘ #ScoMoResign 🏝🗑🚣 20h
Replying to @CatherineKingMP
etc. etc. So many, hard to keep track of it all & now The corruption & gross negligence from this govt is just astounding
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I call for the member to be no longer heard 8h
You going to tell the truth about carbon capture and how it has failed at Barrow Island? But then again I dont think you would know truth if it bit you on the arse!
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Larvey - ❤️Thank you Victorians, well done! 👍🏽❤️ 5h
Replying to @poornhonest
Angus Taylor, public enemy, corrupt thief and fraudster, now in charge of fracking the F out of Australia.
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Martin Andersen Sep 18
Angus Taylor's gas plan is an astoundingly bad idea, on so many levels | Simon Holmes à Court
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Bernadette McPhee 3h
This morning press conference sounded like an orchestrated attack by media vultures! Would love to see Et al. Questioned on their blatant destruction of this country!
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Cara Mia Sep 18
best thing we have going for us.Serial bumblr, rorter & forger will fcuk gas sales pitch for sure!That is why half corrupt Cabint puttg their greasy shouldrs to wheel sellg“faux”energy much riding on it w/ all investd
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Rodent 2 Rodent 1 currently in the Sin Bin 1h
Replying to @Bishop64
with yet another stupid face.
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💧Cathy Woods Sep 18
Replying to @EddyJokovich
KK has done a consistently good job of evidencing Mr. Dutton’s inadequacies and incompetencies. Nothing happens. Same with . We need Parliament. Pressure goes on then as it does with us when we fire up. We can keep the pressure on.
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I call for the member to be no longer heard 16h
Replying to @AlanTudgeMP
So why does shut down debate and not allow questioning of their actions? back to black, economy
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retro_nicky 💜🐨☕🎨💚 6h
Australia: Where a corrupt politician by the name of Angus Taylor can deliver an address to The National Press Club spruiking his big polluter energy mates, with an absolute denial of climate change. We need job creation via a Green New Deal.
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💧Terry Serio Sep 16
No .. - go to jail!
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Cara Mia 22h
Replying to @WhenTurn
continuing liability to . Long may they parade him as a Cabinet Minister. Unbelievable,aren’t they?😅😂
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Isaac Floyd AntiIPA Sep 20
Replying to @Julieoz836
, , , , , , , , , I'm sure we can think of more...some of these may be prior to 2019 election.
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Ian Peter Abbey Sep 21
So the Federal Govt now pays inflated prices for land as well as water. What next?
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💧🔥Jules Lloyd Sep 17
As long as there was an ICAC with big sharp teeth for , # .... and good suggestions everyone... how much better would we feel today if just some of these names were in gov.
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Neil Alexander 🚴‍♂️ Sep 16
Replying to @viakuttabul
Heard (I think) on today justifying further propping up of because " are now mature technology" so don't need assistance. So coal, oil, and gas aren't mature??
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Rodent 2 Rodent 1 currently in the Sin Bin Sep 17
Replying to @simonahac
If you take away the smell trail there'll be nowhere to hide the Chemtrail and you'll probably do out of a commission.🤔
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