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Alexey Zuev Jul 29
How to detect viewport size with the help of cdk BreakpointObserver?
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Alexey Zuev Aug 2
An example of simple table range selection directive It supports: ☑️Click - to select cell ☑️Ctrl + Click - to toggle cell ☑️Shift + Click to select range ☑️Click and Drag to select range ☑️rowSpan and colSpan behavior 👉
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"Angular 10 - Towards the Better future for Angular" by
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Hiren Patel 8h
I just published Cache busting for an Angular app deployed with AWS S3 and CloudFront
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Chris Kalmar 🤘🎧⚡️ Official Meme Count Aug 1
I wonder if this represents the market share correctly
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Reasons why being a developer is awesome: -learning something new pretty much every day. - Being challenged every day whether that be a simple bug fix, to something big like a new project. - Pretty decent money.
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Aleksey Okhrimenko Aug 1
🧙‍♂️ of the day! Having a large chunk of and want to convert it to App? Just augment it with "data-component" attribute and run npx create-angular-components 🪄 Magic :)
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Berkley Group 30m
Urgent contract roles in Cork and Dublin. All of the below roles are urgent with long term potential. To discuss any of these roles, contact today.
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Roman Sedov Jul 30
for the day! Make an InjectionToken detecting users with Mobile devices. It is safe for SSR and uses a regex from StackOverflow🧐 Gist: Regex: USER_AGENT token:
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Fullstack Developer 21h
Why JavaScript Is A Good Choice For Beginners
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Hello_Earth Jul 31
This just made my day 😂😂😂. This is harmony. 😂😂🥰
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Roman Sedov Jul 27
for the day! Do you know that you can use your components on native elements that have content inside? A simple stackblitz sample:
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Reactive Fox 🏡🦊 Jul 29
💡 🦊 tip for the day! Using <ng-content> can put components into other components, and also can change the behavior of the components. Let's figure it out! 😻
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ajayojha Jul 28
Just published a new article of managing complex reactive form validation elegantly.
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Free course 👉 Learn to build Python based web applications with Django 3 (Python Web Framework)
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Full Stack Technologies 6h
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JavaScript New'zz Aug 2
5 Best Courses to learn MEAN stack for Beginners and Experienced Developers
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Nicoale 2h
Back on here to celebrate 🎉🎉🎉. Another 6 weeks granted to me in Phase ll of , Mobile Web Track. I am very well pleased. To better understanding of
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Roman Sedov Jul 29
and for the day! You can make a simple token to get the current user ID from "AngularFireAuth" in way
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Uxtrendz 1h
MergeMap in Rxjs Angular (Flattening Operator) | Rxjs Tutorial in Hindi (2020) [Ep - #20] Watch Full Watch More @
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