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PuertoRicanPrincess Nov 6
I'm playing ! Can you beat my score?
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Avalon Fairest May 24
Just realised we have been too PC & spoilt them rotten. They want want to rule us & can’t wait for to die so they can do better. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Get rid of mobile phones & these bloody games.
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CheekyozieCLIQUE Apr 19
Every parent wants their kids to eat and it is really frustrating when they won't. knows how it feels when she could not get to eat a . ---> 🍞🧀🥓🍞🤬
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Ray Shareza Dec 12
I'm playing Angry Gran Run on my phone! Get it at
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Pat Duncan 1 Aug 18
Sound common sense but will they listen? No, too interested in making quick money with no thought for anyone but themselves
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katya 15 Jun 18
I just got a score of 52,217 in Angry Gran Run! Try and beat me by getting it at
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