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Big City Beast 7 Dec 18
Replying to @KevinHart4real
4th don't ever submit to the .
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Daniel Heft 4 Feb 19
As usual, loves her liquid lunch of vodka martinis. obviously doesn’t care.
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Cin Jul 5
Replying to @AOC
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sheppard 14 Dec 18
PLUS, I'll NEVER forget that slimeball who said, "I intend to open a NEW investigation into EVERY day"...& THAT was after Mitchy McConell proclaimed ON THE SENATE FLOOR, "WE WILL MAKE HIM A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT" & trumps whining about some ? Gimme a break
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Mike W. 🇺🇸 Sep 24
Replying to @ACTBrigitte
Lifetime card holding member of the
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Daniel Heft 28 Jan 19
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
Funny thing is the doesn’t know what “fair share” means. If they get that 70% after a year they’ll say it’s not enough cuz they’ll want to spend more
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Cin May 1
Cant wait for all this to backfire on these obstructionist evil Democrats!! Trump2020 🇺🇸
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georgieporgie 3 Dec 18
Replying to @jdawsey1
...survivor of the and . Dedicated to Rumored to be a member of the
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Mike W. 🇺🇸 Oct 2
Another example of the example, after documented example, I think I recognize a pattern...
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Kadam76bandits 9 Dec 18
The want to go to war Against the President, what Are we waiting for. Let's do it. We the people got you're back Mr president. You need to fire Bob Muller and Rod Rosinstine, cut off all funding. Show the American people we can beat The swamp.
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Mike W. 🇺🇸 Nov 5
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
Another ??
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🗽Humanist Engineer🔭✨🛰 4 Dec 18
Ha. Yeah. Critizing an idiot on the internet sure makes for an , right? This really emphasizes how pathetic the right-wing morons are when it comes to lying about liberals.
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Donald J Trumpet 4 Dec 18
Bob Mueller once dressed in drag and was in a musical rock band called the Angry Democrats. All they did was rage scream about safe spaces.
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sheppard 3 Dec 18
Replying to @TeaPainUSA
Pick a term, phrase, cliche🤔"What a Douche" or "What goes Around, Comes Around", or & lastly, "Karma's a Bitch"🤨😏It'll be fun watching you squirm,explain🙄 or weasel your way out of Who's a (NOT an Great Ratings tho💯%❗️
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Michael Evans 25 Jan 19
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sheppard 13 Dec 18
Replying to @stephen_pearce
Maybe all 17 of our Intelligence Agencies (who Trump has continually called incompetent, "out to get me", & dismissed & under-minded), finally put a stop to the Confirmed in out 2016 election. Ya know, the "Rigged Election"? He's a (bad) joke
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Mike W. 🇺🇸 3h
Replying to @Timcast
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Mrs.Levels Feb 14
This is Alex. Works at a university in Tx. This is what he teaches you kids. Think twice. Don’t trust a leftist with your child’s future.
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Mike W. 🇺🇸 Feb 13
Replying to @Cernovich
Another Example the
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Mrs.Levels Feb 13
Replying to @Jugbo @4YrsToday
Since they serve at the pleasure of the president, and you are an Oregon Bolshevik, I totally understand you have no concept of loyalty, honor, principles or common sense. The left will not be civil? So be it.
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