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Elizabeth Geitz Apr 19
Ivanka, PLEASE look into the crisis. are being slaughtered, incl women/children simply because they are not Francophone. It is happening on our watch. Your dad could have an easy, life-changing win/win here. The Rev Canon Elizabeth Geitz
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#PeoplePowerSudan 20h
Replying to @3silentmajority
During protests how many do come out. Compared to other regions they are brave but look at & crowds. More so protests out of the bears little fruits. Meanwhile protests abroad are a waste. To topple must join else spinx wheels.
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en Apr 19
1/Same happening in . Interesting that posts such, does it align with other arms like who look away from massacre of in ? is just another arm of western imperialism& neocolonialism.
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Amba Swagg Apr 21
's knows which , , to arrest, but does not know which ones to dialogue with. Weird!!!
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#237 Silent Majority Apr 22
in have done more in activism than and . The only reason they have not succeeded is bc the military did not back them like in the other countries. So long as has this unpatriotic military on his side, nothing can get him out.
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CAMEROUN :: Crise anglophone : Les séparatistes imposent un double Lock down dans les régions anglophones :: CAMEROON:
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CAMEROUN :: 31 séparatistes anglophones déposent leurs armes :: CAMEROON:
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My French PA Apr 19
Replying to @MyFrenchPA
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EL CHE Apr 18
I don't blame Longue Longue: avait demandé PARDON avait aussi demandé PARDON...etc. Leçon Morale: il n'est jamais trop tard de demander PARDON. Le PARDON n'a ni temps ni espace: si pouvait demander PARDON aux ..
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The Real GNM Apr 17
Replying to @BriceNitcheu
Momo Jean de Dieu avec son âme perverse appelle au génocide sur le et le au Cameroun. Il ne devrait pas contaminer un lieu de culte avec une âme perverse et de l'argent en sang. Où ira-t-il à la mort de ?
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The Real GNM Apr 17
Replying to @Mimimefo237
This man, , has an evil soul in calling for on the peoples and in . Let him not contaminate the solemnity of Holy Week.
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Du 15 avril au 21 juin, la caravane Bonjour my friend traversera le d’ouest en est afin de stimuler la discussion sur le statut des officielles au Canada chez les fonctionnaires et la communauté étudiante.
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Amba Swagg Apr 14
did you know that use when killing in ? It is a language of oppression of . Soldiers don't care if we understand it or not. They shoot.
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Michel Apr 14
Pour les qui veulent s’impliquer, je vous invite à aller en Ontario. Doug Ford est très accueillant avec ceux qui speak English.
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