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What’s wrong with her?
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DW Culture Jul 16
We dug deep into our archives and found this absolute gem: an interview with in the year 1995. These days the whole world knows her name; back then the host seemed to still be having trouble with it. #1995
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Siddharrth Jain Jul 10
Despite, performing her duties. I think the media could be more responsible and not intrude!
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The Straits Times 21h
Path to power or poisoned chalice: protegee takes defence job
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Scot Tanner von Buchholz Jul 10
Whatever 's medical condition, it does not appear to interfere with her ability to govern or to do her job. I would hope she would feel comfortable to address her condition, but again we the public and media must respect her as this is now a disability.
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Koenigsberger Jul 16
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German Consulate BOS 14h
🎈Chancellor celebrates her 65th today! 🎁 She visited just a few weeks ago to deliver the commencement speech to University’s class of 2019. 🎉 Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Chancellor Merkel! 🎂
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Julio_Vaisman Jul 10
Replying to @VaismanJulio
⚠️ Health 🇩🇪 's Chancellor Shakes For The 3rd Time In Public Was Seen Shaking While Greeting 🇫🇮 ’s Prime Minister In
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Peter Paul 1950 Jul 16
Replying to @marklutchman
Sounds a lot like and enjoying her show ...
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Ludora's Ghost Jul 16
I asked for an shake but the guy replied “that’s in poor taste” so I bought an instead. 😞
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German Embassy 22h
🎉 Help us wish happy birthday to Chancellor ! 🥳 We wish you happiness everyday, but maybe just a little extra on a day like today! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Chancellor Merkel! 🎂
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Yr Hen Ogledd Jul 14
Always nice to see . She is a great leader. It is not just because she made the same studies but i like her behavior, the way of her tolerance, she is true speaking. A great leader for Europe.
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DynamicNews Jul 11
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Antje Arnold 19h
I heard it’s somebody’s today 🇩🇪 sharing my resent encounter in
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Kasanda Mitungo 22h
Angela Dorothea Merkel turns 65 today. Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world, and by many commentators as the leader of the Free World. Happy birthday to you role model,
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dagmar kielhorn Jul 16
. chairs again for the qmilitary ceremony with
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Brt Jul 10
Replying to @PattyArquette @ABC
She could have, but she didn't.
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Samantha S. Low 17h
A mid-week inspirational quote: "Always be more than you appear and never appear to be more than you are." ~ Angela Merkel
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Lukas 23h
Happy Birthday . 14 years in the highest political office in Germany and counting. I am already beginning to miss you.
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Kittakatti_ Jul 17
Replying to @dw_culture
Just happy birthday and many happy returns. Looking from abroad one can only envy the stability and integrity that Germany has had over the last 14years.
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