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amna was skzrim Sep 2
amna 1st debut single ‘yaara candy’ pls don’t bully my vocals
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Amna Jamil Jun 6
Be mature now.. If it comes let it, if it goes let it..
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iessa Mar 5
Got to secure the wifey. #
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ali hassan May 27
I’m on the side of . I think any women would have done that. She is a brave women and as a and we must support her. should never had an affair with a married person. Good job you are the real champ here. Part 2
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Aسma🦋 Jul 3
Best friend to woh hain jo Netflix ka password dy dain...😍 Thank you janii🖤❤
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Chagnay May 31
Please learn to let go, people do fall in and out of love, women of substance don't necessarily need men to validate their existence. Educate your daughters and sons to respect opposite sexes and get on with their life. Please stop judging. #uzma#syra#shehroz#sadaf.
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ιnaaya »★ May 3
I am team anyday! 😉😘😘
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mir ఇ DAESANGSTA X Oct 14
Replying to @linocIoud
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ام تیمور Mar 15
Life is a blessing if u live in reality and follow the footsteps of prophet Muhammad (SAW) then nothing else can tease u. Life is gift from Allah we just need to live according to the sunnah. Thanks Allah for everything in life.
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I A K May 4
Replying to @naziamajid1
Mention Not. Dua is the best gift you can give someone. May God Bless you more . Ameen! .
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🌊 GoodTroubleNancy🌊 Feb 1
Please RT and donate a little if you can to help the displaced children, families, elderly and disabled in ⁦⁦⁩ ❤️💔
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Muhammad Mughal Mar 19
Replying to @Lalika79
very true... And is one of them biggest hypocrite...
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Muqtada May 27
She did what she deserved 13 years of marriage destroyed and then the whore says mien mazloom hon should have beaten her more
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Vella Feb 1
Dm main bta do
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Vsssa Jun 9
Replying to @amnacasm
No amna not at all you special quality is this you won't take side you are out from bb the people like your tweet because of you are funny not to taking side. is best
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Amna Malik May 5
This is for you hope you see this at least once. I am glad to doing these type of activities.✌🏻 I know you like honey badger more than teddy bear but I like it 😁
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Shayan Afridi Feb 13
Replying to @maryamfaisal10i
I have all pics videos sabir
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Agile Billa Oct 18
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Wonderfully made woman Apr 28
Replying to @Amna4A @ALLFM
It was nice speaking about the amazing work we are doing. Well done , for bringing us together to support our communities.
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آمنہ Dec 1
No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers
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