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GAD Feb 22
I've been dreaming of this!! My first stand up special in English will be on on March 6th.
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Rep Jason Dunnington Feb 22
Imagine for a moment if instead of a national debate on arming teachers with weapons we were demanding that teachers were armed with the necessary resources to provide a world class education to every student. Giving all our kids a chance to live the
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Todd Williard Feb 18
Replying to @popeofwelding
I would love to own a firearm made by you Jesse. I am sure nothing would be made better.
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Kristen Lavin Daly 59m
Replying to @kristenlavin
I thought the was about a poor boy turned rich. But far more impressive than being the son of a plumber is being a big ol fattie with an unforgiving lisp surrounded by beefcakes & being loved more than any goddamn one of them. I get it now, & it’s fucking beautiful
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Kin (HODLR) CrytpoDreams Feb 22
soon to be launched to the moon sit back and enjoy the ride!!!
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LydiaMarieBag Feb 21
I want to open a hostel and/or bed and breakfast in some remote amazing vacation spot
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NoelBe Feb 19
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @Oprah
You would lose ... to a girl!!! would bury you. You’re fortunate she has a LEGITIMATE billion dollar enterprise to run. She is the American dream. You’re just a joke of a man who’s father was rich.
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TheJackalope(fauxbot) Feb 21
The media portrayal of your actions are criminal. I thank God every day for your leadership and pray for your safety. want our
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Rich Ray ️🇺🇸 Feb 16
Replying to @N_rosie1 @POTUS and 2 others
I will forever pledge my allegiance to this beautiful country of ours
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Adrien Le Menthéour Feb 22
My last ✌️👍 project is out! . Had a lot of fun doing it 🐸. is flying to NYC this Sunday to follow our .
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Kaiser Wunderbar 2h
Replying to @sarahkendzior
Agreed but he also a Boss and Bosses make calculated decisions, if he knows the jig is up he knows how to bring as many down with him.
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Braden Dudderar 4h
...or Basketball. Why won't the FBI investigate mental illness instead of attacking college basketball players who are just trying to make the The bureau should help instead of wasting time and money.
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Taylor Kelley 11h
Examples are found in every community--including mine--that we are a pursuing the . can rewrite its mission statement but not history.
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Olga Feb 13
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Pranav Marwah Feb 22
We’re not building walls, we’re building tunnels! with a peach about vs the . Excited to host you tomorrow!
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Tiny Rick 11h
Replying to @SirVaughn93
It sure does buddy
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Andrew Janz Feb 13
Congrats Chloe on grabbing gold!
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EconomicTimes 15h
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
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Mrs. Kang Feb 16
learning stations with my 11H kiddos. Love getting them moving around+being engaged!
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Bruce Marks 3h
Mr. Guzman in : "NACA's staff was always there to help. They also responded to our questions and needs in a timely manner. We are very grateful. It is a great accomplishment." 2.463% APR
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