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Leah Darrow 10 Mar 17
Was just asked when I plan to remove the "I march for life" twibbon? My answer: When we don't have to march for life anymore.
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Shawn Bolz 23 Oct 16
Based on the abortion issue alone I know how to vote this election regardless of personalities.
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Antonia Okafor Cover 9 Aug 16
And hence... Why I just can't..
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Ed Willing 1 Sep 16
"Our respect for life is a measure of our humanity" Not recent convert before running
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Sean W Mucci 7 Nov 16
Replying to @tiberjudy
I got the message many years ago,I don't need the drama ,it's ok at the beginning then ..let's move on!
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Borna Puškarić 11 Jun 15
Good news back from home . My nephew is born!
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The FAMiLY LEADER 23 Jun 17
Woman rejects assisted suicide, receives lung transplant, runs 20 mile obstacle course
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~RareLogic~ May 15
Replying to @CalmChaos19
3- I'm happy and thankful I'm here.
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Tera McCormick May 16
just something to think about..
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Jamie Gibbs 😄💜🌠 6 May 14
I can not understand. I had 3 preterm 21, 21, & 25 week seeing these perfect little bodies...
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Philip Rexing 29 May 16
If you truly think that it was wrong to shoot a gorilla to save a child's life, then you have some serious problems.
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ProtectingBlackLife 21 Jul 16
"If the rapist doesn't get the death penalty then why should the child?" - pregnant rape victim interview
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Matt Johnson 14 Aug 16
Pro-Life Alaskans Should Reject Murkowski's Pro-Abortion Extremism Restoring Liberty
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Stephanee Straw 31 Oct 12
Replying to @AshleyAM904
there is a reason for it. I understand in cases like that the choice of an abortion but I do not support it.
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B Cassell Aug 20
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
WHAT Have you Done for WOMEN Should Make Their Own Choices and
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Meagan Wanschura 8 Nov 16
"Your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world 'no. you move.'"
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Samantha Nicola 11 Apr 15
Replying to @Chris_1791
I was there like 45 seconds😢😢. I cant believe it.
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Damian Matthew Eudy 10 Oct 18
Replying to @LiveAction
Great job DJ Tanner.
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carla stefanos 23 May 14
Replying to @ToupsFamily
I hope they realize if mommy had abortion, they wouldn't be here. Abortion always = death.
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B Cassell Mar 5
Replying to @ACLU
Abortion is a Choice Healthcare is a Right Abortion is a Choice Healthcare is a Right
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