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Katerin 🇲🇽 5 Oct 12
Remember, the lion never sleeps.
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Please read the advice on the dangers of Button Batteries!
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Samjit 13 Nov 15
Character speaks louder than anointing/ status/stature
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Mr. H.A. Double 30 Mar 16
Quote: surround yourself around positive people. negative people are bad energy that can damage your mind.
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Sam 13 Mar 14
I have a massive bruise where I got hit with a door today thanks to
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D 25 Feb 13
The sidewalk by ward going towards merner is 97% goose droppings.
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Linzi Wyard 16 Aug 14
There is no excuses EVER for standing on a snail.
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Anonymous Doctor 15 Oct 15
Replying to @buzzRashmi
Some really sick ppl out there!
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Norman Dillon BovverBoy🐾🐾 26 Jul 17
Replying to @jennystape
😉 I was pretending to be just lounging about..... but really I was ready to leap into action😄 I was being a Lert
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ROB HO 9 Dec 17
Best to still have your wits about you. Just walked through five drunk men with the wife, after telling her to, "let go of my hand".
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NYPD 77th Precinct 21 May 16
Safety Tips from our Crime Prevention Officers
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missspanky (Fan) Dec 21
Replying to @DeputyPacks
Ya think? For the worse and Im just a SPECTator
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Debi 16 Sep 15
Replying to @morganpaige499
Ummm... People aren't suppose to be walking in the middle of the road. 😅 Learning process
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TochukwuChukwumerije 5 Oct 16
Fundamental Rights is above all Rights
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Ironclad Security LLC 13 Dec 17
This time of the year we must be aware of our surroundings.
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These Three Cats 11 Aug 18
Good morning! Don’t let your annoying little sister get ya today.
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Sally Smith 20 Feb 13
The people who killed Austin just walked into his house.... Whew I bet Godfather didn't like that one.
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Debbie L Hunsaker Sep 27
Reminder S/B SR41 closed at O St. until Monday 5am. Plan accordingly
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socailsa🌴☀️ 28 Jul 14
Replying to @Kellen____
yes be concerned!!! Should I send you down a rape whistle or something?
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Kim 7 Feb 15
Replying to @TrentBridge1
@LarwoodLegend I used to warn her about strangers & sweets. Now it's Digital & Tweets
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