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danno 9h
Replying to @sunbringer
The current paranoia of the is simply them being agitated and afraid that their discourse is no longer hegemonic, hence the yearning for the "good-old-days" of the '50's, in some godawful cases the 1850's.
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Asher Black Nov 11
Hey fascists worldwide - if everyone is "first", you all end up as sycophants to other dictators, just like in the 1930s. Stupid enough?
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Bruce Pirl 20h
Replying to @donaldpirl
Rick Scott is doing a propaganda campaign. no formal accusations of fraud exist. Classic is to spread lies on social media with faked truck videos, rumors of illegals voting, saying mailed ballots are "showing up". its stalin like lies...he's trying to create a fog.
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J.A. Brown Nov 12
Article in Dutch newspaper about online anti-Semitism and /pol/ culture. Includes an nerd who claims that “memes made me anti-Semitic”. is described as “a Twitter clone mostly populated by anti-Semites and racists”.
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Archie Miller’s Burner Account Nov 12
Replying to @reedyj73 @TomiLahren
Doesn’t fit her agenda
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Jennifer N. Grimes, PhD 49m
leaders say Republicans lost the midterms because they weren’t enough. via
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Verb A Nazi 18h
Is it okay to ruin a white supremacist?
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Verb A Nazi Nov 9
Is it okay to mess up a Nazi?
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Curious George 29m
Good news👍: Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Gabriel Sohier Chaput, a man who is alleged to be Zeiger, Canada’s most influential neo-Nazi and a key player in the alt-right.
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Jim Mason 4h
Appears that the might circling the wagons. Perhaps it’s ???
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Greg Jones Nov 9
In Jim , the has finally found a white man whose free speech they won't defend.
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🌹Matthew D. Hudson 🌺 Nov 11
Replying to @ThirteenFox @Fallout
We don’t tolerate the intolerant. If Trump’s toxic white nationatism extremist hate administration is destroying America. If we don’t arrest him soon, the bombs will fall, and there will be no Vaults to save anyone.
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MetalRabbit13 9h
RT Nice post in ' new project that parallels in challenging appropriations of antiquity: in response to trolling a Roman warfare video game forum he has a list of ancient who led
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Edgar Matzinger 🇳🇱 Nov 9
Replying to @newoaknl @NOS
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Tsiehta 10h
Replying to @BestStephen @LindaFrum
If the Conservatives had their way only "Old Stock" white Canadians would be allowed to vote and women if their husbands or "owners" gave them written permission.
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Chris Carey Nov 9
Replying to @thewillwitt
Hey , do you frequently use slurs that originated with the ?
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Lurkin Munawar Nov 12
Replying to @Beaverbet @ravi_layer
Hope EWT doesnt see this tweet
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Mike Nov 11
should be jailed for the rhetoric she spits out. Along with and . 3 very pathetic women
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Tadeusz Korzeniewski Nov 12
How to live and prosper as ? The best ones need to hit the road and search for new gods. The dysgenic gods must go down. Including the forbidden to be named. Including Christ.
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Lauri Nov 12
Replying to @GOP
This is the constituency now. The one they give a wink & a nod to. Just like they do with the & . They own this & Mueller is on to them. So. Are. We.
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