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#TheResistance Sep 15
Just in case you ever thought that the thug wasn't a racist or didn't enjoy killing Trayvon Martin.... He is the and the hero because he got away with it.
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Piet De Volder 2h
StapnStap belongs to ? his Party is indeed a party which has been elected in a democratic way in 2014. However, if they are democratic, is a other question. There are some relations with extreme fascist organisations,
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David Katz Sep 23
Oh's everyone's favorite local Nazi.... According to Faith, her comments about Charlottesville were over a year I'm a communist and need to grow up.
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Chad Heiman 9m
Replying to @BFeld6
None, but that’s not my point. My point is the lack of civic engagement & the obsession over mindless sensationalism, which imo strengthens the ability of, say the and media, to frame people’s perceptions wout them engaging in their own critical understanding/thinking.
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Integrity First for America 3h
A disturbing recruitment tool: “Banner-dropping” with slogans like “Jews did 9-11,” “Feminists deserve the rope,” and “blood and soil.” Learn more:
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rauhansotilas 2h
Replying to @ChrisFiloG
This is just another *Gate once again. and the same people behind other *Gates are also behind . This and the Linus Torvald's abusive acts are just another example of toxic male masculinity that needs to be cleaned out from the community.
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Bishop DubiousTunic, Esq. Sep 19
If I countenance the , I'm a potential extremist If I don't countenance it, I'm a gay liberal
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Verb A Nazi 3h
May I telephone white nationalists?
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Peter 12h
His party is together with political parties one of the key reasons why this fails. They helped breaking it and now they complain it’s broken. Great political leaders at work!
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Agent Aontacht 🇮🇪🇪🇺🇳🇱🌍 Sep 20
It’s amazing how all the “Irexit freedom” types are actually total conservatives - it isn’t freedom they want. It’s the right to re-impose their views on the Irish people, against their will. Regardless of one’s views on the EU, they can frankly go fuck themselves.
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The Standpoint of Water Sep 20
Many have already pointed out that the epic, lazy drag at the end is the best part, so I'll just add that the dudes still had mercy on the Proud Boy after he went down on the steps when they could've kept pummeling him. That's class you don't find on the
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(((slingshot))) 59m
These particular kids are so fucking disingenuous and broken. "Fascist."👌
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Gerd S. Prestegard Sep 20
Why does the Alt-Right attack feminism?
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American AntiFed Sep 22
It is going to take more than voting to rid ourselves of the RW far-right un-American filth in our midst, much more...
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Kathleen O'Grady Sep 15
No longer referring to by this term which makes them sound hip and, well ‘alternative.’ They are more accurately described as the radical right
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Hikyuu Mikado🍵🍑🍡 18h
Replying to @SteveKingIA
No sir, by embracing during the 2016 election campaign and rebranding them the , is the reason the word became injected into US political talking points. And for your sake, discover the truth about ; is .
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Bishop DubiousTunic, Esq. Sep 23
I am also considering how the "," for all its "anti-Marxism," is more "post-structuralist" than it realizes For they spend so much energy "questioning liberal assumptions," pointing out "hidden power structures," and subverting the "narrative of the post-WW2 order"
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Salhi Aly Sep 20
Not only all them leaders need to take the test
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BlueGlowAgave 1h
Replying to @LincolnsBible
The more the GOP judiciary committee drags this BS on 's "virtue" on MSM, the more exposed he becomes. Not only will his nomination not go through, but it's all the more likely he crashes and burns.. right out of his current judgeship.
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StonedCrows 3h
Replying to @StonedKrows
Both Marvel and DC have fossils in their upper ranks who don't understand why it's so important to actually be thoughtfully progressive these days. Unless they want to be seen as an -loving company, that is. is punching , not hugging them lovingly.
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