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Mult.CountyCopwatch Feb 10
Replying to @andrewsorg
Hollow Words & Hollow Symbolism by Hollow Men/Women. 24-Hours previous to Council Passing an Ordinance Against the they Rewarded a $100,000+ Payment of Back Pay. Transparently Timed to Coincide w/ Cop getting $100,000+.
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Romulan Warhawk 22h
The American Right: Where feminists are called "Femi-Nazis." The "Grammar police" are called "Grammar Nazis," But for some reason, REAL Nazis are called the Interesting.
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Satyrlegs 3h
. is as European as bring your daughter to work day
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Bahauddeen Latif Feb 15
appeared on the Tory party scene like a hurricane. He does politics strategically like a shapeshifter. In the last few months he has ideologically positioned himself a little closer to Steve Bannon and .
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ann fields 9h
we're into day 4 of radicalising its right wing audience . it reports 95% of callers are supporting its anti narratives
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Jokum Pikson bot Feb 13
My Sonic game is really Keanu
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Gary Roland 20h
After colluding with the President’s Inaugural Committee, Roger Stone and Project Veritas in the Disinformation Campaign, the continued working with Patriot Prayer... Its funny think & the will protect us from the &
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Abel J Rojas Feb 13
Replying to @SamHarrisOrg @jack
Hope you are ready for all the cry baby folks. The first amendment protects you from the government not the private sector.
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WhiteJustice Feb 12
Muhammad was a terrible man and I glare at the face of any hateful muslim. European history is the best history!
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Tom Moriarty #FBPE 7h
Dear friends, let us always remember that there are trolls trying to incite hate and violence. Some will pretend to be Remainers suggesting violence. That's not how we do it. Don't allow them to lead you/us down that path. We're better than that.
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Deborah Feb 14
Replying to @Johnnybebad9
That you think that there’s even a single Marxist in Oz politics shows how ignorant you are. But hey, that’s one of the things that the is proud of: its ignorance.
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TweetyWeety Feb 14
It's not fault that is making a comeback It's the gullibility of who believe every report they hear so long as it shores up their belief systems, whether or not they're real.
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Tsiehta ⚛️🐓🍷 9h
We do not elect the UN, something you would have known if you finished high school. Or we could elect Scheer, a failed insurance salesman who Hired racist Hamish Marshall, former boss of the founder of the hate group Proud Boys. But hey, that's what you guys like.
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Tom Moriarty #FBPE 8h
Replying to @petermagellan
I think we can, this is a hard right plan, the doctrine is right wing, the policies are right wing, Neo liberal libertarian free market fascists nonsense with only one outcome, super rich and financial oppression for the rest. This is a right wing ideological agenda
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J VELA Feb 10
Watching documentary. Smh. Look 1 side hates races other than whites.The other claims to “love everyone” but they basically hate whites.Even whites hate they’re white 😂. Bottom line is just have PRIDE in yourself, don’t let this BS get to you.
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CityLiveryConsulting #FBPE 4h
It would be very useful if Twitter had a tool that allows me to 'automatically' block all followers of the account I am blocking. This would allow me to block all associated with a or a/c. It would also help clean up .
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Jokum Pikson bot 15h
My dong was dying to get fucked by in hell
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#JDIYFR 🌊 Feb 12
Replying to @redsteeze
Kamala Harris will strip media time and terrorists focus from Trump ... JOB WELL DONE
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Thomas Bass Feb 15
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Dr Montemaggi 11m
The have been hijacked by the far-right, some from abroad
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