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The Wanted Emcees 31m
Ed Buck has killed BLACK PEOPLE & Donates BIG MONEY to & ... Why isnโ€™t the mainstream media asking the politicians why they are accepting money from a man who murders BLACK PEOPLE? ?
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nicoleeeeeeeeeeeee Apr 17
when wonโ€™t give you a refund on an 11$ ride yet your driver was drunk, smelled of alcohol, and had an open bottle- RISKING MY LIFE ... Uber is cancelled now like are you kidding me?
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Durik K'Steel Apr 20
Replying to @oliviamunn
This horrible! Terrible! I agree with you all... but how is it morally different than which is accepted?
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Larry Elder Apr 19
Thank you for protecting and serving!!!
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The2ND 22m
Justin, You have to note it's not just politicians who hurt communities of primarily 'minorities' but the residents themselves. Politicians work off the numbers....when residents choose to live off programs like welfares when not needed..they are a statistic.
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mark. Apr 23
Replying to @leemarkswmp
roles distribution: SUCCESS! STOP FLOODING ME WE HAVEN'T STARTED YET! n e ways. again, to those who did not receive a role, don't disappear! you're just as important as these barnacle brains, yeah?
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๐Ÿš›Joshua Collins 4 Congress Apr 18
I'm just going to say it. Pete Buttigieg is racist. You don't fire your police chief for reporting racism, over-police black neighborhoods, say , & gentrify black neighborhoods for campaign donations if you're not racist. Systemic racism is racism. 1/3
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Caleb Linton Apr 15
If anyone wants to know the actual facts behind police brutality and black murders, take a look at these notes I compiled from the FBI's database
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Ms N๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ 19h
Replying to @pam_brundige
To Pam's great resistors. Your voice matters!
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#ThisIsNotNormal 7h
Replying to @ciecko @IlhanMN
Biased opinions don't translate into facts. Probably also advocate that
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K E N ๐Ÿฅƒ๐ŸŒถ 8h
Everyone that used the hash tag can suck my dick.
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Salman Zafar 2h
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Miss Adams 2h
My y10 group are angered about how long it took โ€™s killers to be brought to justice. Today weโ€™ll be exploring the theme of racism through experimentation and contact improvisation
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DrkLvly1 20h
Iโ€™m just going to sit this right here. So much for courts caring about justice. They are ONLY really interested in prosecuting JUST US. So much for that crap they keep lying about.
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Vije Vijendranath Apr 24
Replying to @khabubu_phathu
You hit the nail on the head. Yes that's exactly what happened. When came along, they were basically saying Black Lives don't matter. only came along as a resistance after began
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Larry Benda Apr 22
Replying to @PPFA @UnplannedMovie
abortion is not a necessary procedure Stop lying and killing Babies.
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Jonathan Farschian 10h
15 yr old Black boy, Lucca picked up a cell phone that fell out of the pocket of a Black boy who was being arrested. In response officers Christopher Krickovich & Greg LaCerra pepper sprayed, brutally beat, and arrested him. He broke no laws
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ZONEX Apr 22
It focuses on blacks yes but why would you assume I'm trying to make blacks look bad because of the 2016 " all lives matter"? That 2016 bullshit was a scam made by white Supremacy. I'm saying for what it truly means That is everyone.
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Jathaniel 16h
Replying to @davidhogg111
Maybe you should take a break for a while. Live your life. Have some fun. It's got to be exhausting digging for things to complain about all the time.
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Psychological Closet Apr 22
Replying to @DaveDumanis
But he's not just another white moderate man that only cares about POC when he's trying to get a vote or anything just ask him... he'll tell you... ๐Ÿ˜œ
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