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SMM Syria 43s
⚡️⚡️⚡️ A mighty explosion has hit | | checkpoint in the Southern part of city. The attack has reportedly killed at least 10 .
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Critical Threats Jan 16
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قطريليكس QatariLeaks 26m
Liberated cities in has become main targets for and , and members admitted receiving Qatari funding and training to support
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Botan Kuferdeli 50m
Turkey has its own inside Turkey due to being a Racist Regime, fighting to block any advances in Kurdish struggle for Ethnic Rights in the neighbouring countries, this made Turco-Kurdish War a Regional War, that’s why sponsoring to stay hiding
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Egypt Built 4h
BREAKING: South Campaign AlShatee: geoup suicide bomber and others dead in 2 simultaneous Libyan National Army raids on the hideouts of "AbuTalha" aka Abdel Moneim Salem Khalifa AlHasnawi
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Elisabeth Kendall 29m
& in (ISY) continue their feud. Yesterday ISY claimed it killed & injured members by blowing up a vehicle & motorbike in Walad Rabi', al-Bayda'. Note that targeted ISY motorbikes on 8 & 13 Jan (+ 6 more ops targeting ISY so far this year)
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mupe chai Jan 16
Replying to @WillyPaulMusic
God has given you this chance so at least you can do good music not shit .
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Brian Glyn Williams 23h
For the first history of America’s wars on and , from 2001 to the rollback of the with the help of the see my book Counter Jihad. The American Military Experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
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Botan Kuferdeli 45m
Shot in the back? USA is sole responsible for creating conditions of that, but against . If someone should worry about SHOT IN THE BACK? That’s the the people. USA can blame that on Turkey, because Turkey sponsored against Kurds & Western Coalition
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Greg Casey 10h
No. You're not fighting and in . In fact, in , you Arm, Munition, Support (militarily & with provisioning) and Finance + but thankfully, you & your puppet-masters at Pentagon & Langley have failed miserably in
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Syksy Räsänen Jan 15
Israeli leaders confirm once more that they have supported Islamist rebels in part of Syria close to Israel, including with weapons and salaries. One of the dominant groups in the area has been Al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of .
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WestminsterInstitute Jan 15
'The commitment of and to “establishing the religion” should not be taken as mere rhetoric or simple justification for their brutal actions: This is their real objective.' Know the Enemy. Join us for Mary Habeck (Jan 18):
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TwShiloh بطبطبط Jan 16
Replying to @TwShiloh
has generally been pretty bad at media communications. We didn't notice it for a long time because we didn't have anything to compare it to but then came along and we did.
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Ronny Maxer Jan 16
Replying to @obicharles11
They should have never been there in the first place - big FAT lie with WMD Obama started the mess, and effectively armed up via ... ...and now you want more war?!
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WestminsterInstitute Jan 13
‘In their writing and statements, leaders have been quite clear that they believe changed its original creed and methodology’ Know the Enemy. Join us for Mary Habeck (Jan 18):
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Strategic Analyst Jan 15
Replying to @mylifeasrobby
Unfortunately, the fatalities could be higher. Unconfirmed reports indicate that there was a Suicide Bomber already in the Hotel before the Terrorists entered the premises, and he blew himself up when the first gunshots ripped through the air.
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EU-Gulf Info Centre 3h
🆕⚡️ has a new monthly review of - relations including topics such as the -Gulf relations, the death of President GHW Bush, , Arab Dawn, the - nexus and more... Copies of the newspaper NOW available at EGIC HQ for FREE📍
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تمام💐 Jan 17
How to find a way to explain that "being " was never the real problem with anyway? However misguided, like the Cosa Nostra, Al Qaeda follow a strict code of ethics...? Not so much...
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Hamza Saed حمزة سعيد Jan 16
The terrorist Omar Abdulaziz Member of org, who is sponsored by Canada's govt said, shoe of the leader Abubakr al-Baghdadi is more pure than all of the Canadians
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cryptographer Jan 16
Replying to @BabakTaghvaee
would make more sense than just because the USA has a history of financing them ie. Operation Cyclone from 1979 to 1989 and many other examples as well. False flag attack perhaps? Why would isil want the americans to stay longer?
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