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Souad Sbai English 38m
, - agreement on : the group backed by will hand over their weapons and withdraw from the area, except the former Front affiliated to and financed also by
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Peace Sep 18
Replying to @DonKeko1971
But should be there? Bombing a sovereign nation and supplying medical and weapons assistance to organisations like and along with your friends.
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Mark Collins Sep 17
Replying to @Mark3Ds
& to create buffer zone in --Troops from Russia, ally of 's gov, and Turkey, which backs rebels, will patrol the zone-- groups, including , said, would have to leave the zone
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Marcin Sułkowski Sep 22
continues to recruit terrorists. Last year, 403 people from K. joined the organisations. Of these, 74 were killed, 133 returned to K., while 196 still remain in . Still think on visa liberalisation for K.?
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J. Eckleben Sep 22
And you are a lover of these -muslims of and aka formerly known as "moderate rebels financed by USA and Saudi-Arabia plus Katar and Turkey"? c´mon
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Black Voices Muted Sep 20
Replying to @nytimes
The threat of war is greatest for in . is invading Syrian airspace and bombing Syrians; is supported by the U.S. and is a organization.
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Fort Russ News Sep 17
Why do Washington and Ankara oppose the Liberation of ?
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Real News Line Sep 17
jihadists are warning Russia not to attack Idlib. Syrian terrorists in carry Russian ambassador's assassination picture saying: "Turks are our brothers, we are victorious because of them" 's foreign policy was supporting jihadists agains Assad regime.
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