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Stephen Whistler Jul 12
Dr. Evil would love that last homer
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Mike Dill Jun 22
Finally a hit with RISP.
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Esteban Graham Jun 10
Go Astros Go! Iron sharpens Iron. I would love to see sandwiched in the middle of the lineup. Hitters in front and behind him. Apply that pressure to any and all pitchers.
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💙⚾️🧡Carina - Mrs. Kitty🧡⚾️💙 Aug 10
Replying to @ATTSportsNetSW @astros
Nolan Ryan is a legend! While I love what is doing in the batters box, I feel like this is a comparison of Apples and oranges. Hall of fame vs. Rockie. Can’t wait to see what Yordon does in the long term.
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Tom E. Snyder Jun 15
Replying to @AstrosAngel10
I don't like "Yordong". I prefer .
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Craig Aug 4
You know Aaron judge would have come out of the game if it had been him.
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Ike™ Aug 10
Hey I hope y’all seeing what the future AL ROY is doing tonight!!
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Chris Conover Jun 12
Replying to @SethCPayne
I feel you. Tough call, but I could see why. walk-off is still in play. It would ease the pain.
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AstroAly Jul 31
Replying to @MLB
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