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MysTery Jun 15
And lest we forget - is famous for NOT sticking to deals and sticking it to everyone but himself. The Lying, Sick, Disgusting, Abhorrent, Psycho that he is !!
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Michael Ball 🇨🇦☕️ Jun 13
on the move in his standard dick formation.
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paul le comte 17h
That only 2/3rds of Americans find removing children from their parents & putting them into essentially prison camps as 'unacceptable' tells you everything you need to know about Trump's election
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Jon benton Jun 17
It's funny how people wish a HappyFathersDay when he lust for his daughter ?! Wonder what IVANAKA giving the dirty Summa Bi@ this year ?! Oh that right she can speak about actually calling him DADDY !!! HAHA
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DurrellLyonsPerforms 18h
A Fucking SPACE FORCE??? REALLY??? 1) First off... There is already NASA, we don't need another military branch. 2) Are we fighting aliens or some shit? We need a space force bruh? A Dayum Space Force?
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Emily Friesen Jun 12
We must resist . I have a message for you if we burn, you burn with us!
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Dave The Merciless Jun 1
is the third studio album by . It was released on June 1, 1989.
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Champ Apr 27
😂😂😂 Grossi at the kids table in the basement hallway.
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Stormy May 11
Replying to @Top_Sergeant
I'm losing a good friend of 58 years to as we speak, expected to died anytime now.
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jplatt812 Jun 14
Trump demands loyalty. Jeff Sessions was 1st 2 endorse . posts his loyalty 2 Sessions 4 the World 2 read.
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Gordon F Bennett Jun 15
Great week for 's handler: gifted a cessation of joint exercises in South Korea, signalled he would draw down troops there too ( ), undermined the and then endorsed 's annexation of .
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Lady Verity Huntersdottir May 27
? No.... chemtrails.. GeoEngineering.. toxins from the sky.. who is doing this?
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Tyson Manker 19h
Bob Hart is a Vietnam Veteran who was repeatedly doused with while on patrol. His survival now depends on medication, but when sent him to a civilian hospital on he is now being billed for his own meds. Outrageous!
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KH Jun 11
Tune in for the premier episode of NBC's 'The International Apprentice'
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Nagger Jun 14
Replying to @VeraVanHorne
is their new favourite weapon, silent deadly & affects population in contaminated areas for generations just like pure evil premeditated mass murder.... or genocide
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Democratic Restoration Movement 🌹 Jun 17
Six companies, including Bayer, merged in 1925 to create I.G. Farben. Bayer executives profited from Zyklon B. It took Bayer until 1995 to apologize. Monsanto was one of several makers of . Massive mergers precede fascism.
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Mary Jo Oathout Jun 17
The time has come.. for the truth to be told.
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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard May 17
Replying to @TulsiPress
This is the of our generation, and the VA needs to take action now to collect data and information on veterans who were exposed to burn pits, so we can document the impact and make sure our brothers and sisters are cared for.
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Jamal D Jun 10
who ever picked Canada vs USA in the pool for who starts world war 3 is feeling confident now
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julie June 30 11 EST DC & US 20h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
you praised a sick evil dictator who terrorizes, starves, tortures & murders his own people—including his own family. did putin tell you to meet KJU so you could trick SK into giving up its nuclear weapons? (that russia gave them.) what’s the plan ? take over SK?
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