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Spring for Real May 25
Replying to @ChipsRUs001205
Tuhhhhhh you do nt attack lazy people
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SussNa May 25
Replying to @dennisbroox
I'd be damned! Kumbaya ma Lord! 🙄
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ONE News PH 7h
AFP spokesperson Edgard Arevalo says the case of Mark Chua, the UST-ROTC cadet murdered after exposing anomalies in their unit, is not representative of the whole ROTC program. He urges critics not to overlook the “benefits” of its proposed return.
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Rants May 21
Imagine a young single woman sending texts is news where’s the story about Prince Willy living up to his name!? 🤣
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DaChairman May 22
Replying to @audu_alamin @ShehuSani
That has nothing to do with this.. If they were part of the entourage then its ok. What is the urgent thing that Tinubu and Yari have that they cannot wait for Mr President to come back for them to discuss? Going to CCT shows support but this one, I don't know.
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Rants May 18
BTW guys since a few of u love a bit of Martial slander..... 🙃🔴⚪️⚫️
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The Info 11m
Ummm...worshipping the children of past presidents? Why would this make you smile?
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flawlesslyimperfect May 24
The scene will always be made to look good coz they wanted to focus on his intention and action. It’s you who is focusing on how bad it went. Although you were not there, nor was that reporter who wrote the article with an .
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Young, Gifted & Afrikan🏅🏆🥇 3h
When people take themselves seriously, I also take them seriously. If you arrange a professional/business with me (even if you’re family) & you send me an beforehand, you have my undivided attention. This is me officially taking you seriously. 👩🏾‍💼👩🏾‍💻🤓
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ㅤ May 19
A disabled and a woman on the throne. I see the i won’t be silenced RT : now whenever i see a crippled person its gonna remind me of this shit
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Pete Moring May 25
events just 'happen' ..... 's 'Play Out' ...... (So Was Crazy - Right?) .............. ................ The ............ via
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11 TeJae 11 May 25
Replying to @TheTurul
Yes I’ve been aware of this going on as I have a friend who has been trying to make MSM in NZ cover these issues as she’s worried about her family but no one wants to know. Chaos and division is what Elites like to maintain control of the masses
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#JaiHind 🇮🇳 May 25
Selective applied as per needs of the to be pushed.
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Ashley Bravo May 20
They are shite? 😂😂 there’s no getting around it. Jones is on the same money as lingard, young earns more than Martial and Pogba is on wages that a midfielder with one of the best stats in Europe should be on but again you avoided that 😂😂.
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I’m guessing has either a) not watched the video or b) doesn’t own a thesaurus. Angry? He was anything but
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Murd May 23
Not had a polling card again.
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☆PeYtoN☆ 3h
Replying to @Just4DreamGH
-Still don't get the lifestyle reference..Kristina was the focus of this SL, Sam would have protected her, whether she was w/Jason or Bootleg. -Sam would B getting that pledge, no matter who it was about(4 Krissy) -Drew was mentioned, cuz that's what this is REALLY about.
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Micheal Maykin May 20
No reply. Didn’t expect anything less. Thank you for proving my point.
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G7/G20 Youth Japan 3h
Y20 Summit 2019 Tokyo Agenda overview 👩‍💻👨‍💻Future of work 💡🌏Business & Environment 📦🛥International Trade
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Formation Magnétisme - Frédéric Louvet 6h
Atelier collectif Pechbusque 31320 Rothbach Rothbach Atelier collectif , 23 juin 2019 10:00-23 juin 2019 11:30, Pechbusque 31320 Rothbach . Pechbusque31320le dimanche...
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