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Zamaray 🇦🇫 1h
Maybe I did..but my point is about the annual expenses of war. You know how much is $45bn ? OMG its hugeee amount! Afg is 35-40m population and if you distribute this $45bn a year between them it will make their life for good! U won’t see any Taliban anymore
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Tahir Qadiry طاهر قادرى 8h
Sad & heartbreaking. The son of a deceased national army soldier committed suicide inside Security Command compound. His protest: The corpse of his dad who passed away at the frontlines 3 weeks ago hasn’t been shifted home (Badakhshan) yet
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Omer Jan عمرعمار Feb 21
Replying to @Pashz7
It is writer what to write. But have war principles. They don’t attack enemies’ ladies..✌🏿
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ORF Mumbai 6h
"As a country which enjoys the support of both the government and the Afghan people, India is in a position to manoeuvre the peace processes that are currently under process in the country." Sohini Bose on India's role in the peace process:
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The peoplex voice 11h
Latest Viral video on social Media in which Talibaan gives threatned message to .
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اجالے 10h
security forces seized an explosive laden truck and captured three .
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Sean Perry Feb 21
if we need an overseas player for the T20’s in the summer look no further than Mohammad Nabi! Machine.
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Burzine Waghmar 19h
With welcome matter-of-factness, Harsh Pant and spotlight vacillation of stuck in shifting sands and doubtful dependability.
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الرئيس ممتاز Feb 20
and their backed militias destroyed and burn a in province.
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Mariya Afghan Feb 20
Oh moron! I am Pashtun, all pashtuns are . Defuse tension by hitting some books.
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Zia Ahmad Khan Feb 21
Taliban established a customs office in Sherin Tagab district of northern Faryab province
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Taher Mojab Feb 19
ambassador to Waheed Omar has reportedly resigned.
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Akshit Mehra 🇮🇳 (अक्षित मेहरा) Feb 20
Replying to @TOLOnews
And we love people!
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اجالے 13h
Replying to @tghazniwalurdu
The government facility you mentioned was already abandoned by security forces. They have moved to a newer and better equipped building now.
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Bakhabar Bash Feb 19
Replying to @bakhabar_bash
5/5 called on the to explain why it issued the contract without competitive bidding.
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Richard Scott Feb 21
It’s gotten so much easier for adversary spy agencies (ISI) to obtain sensitive information about the govt affairs by merely following up Afg politicians’ social media handles - FB, Twitter, IG, etc. No need for complex tools. .
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Muhammad Arif Sheva 11h
Here you go! US-Taliban meeting on peace in will be held on Monday, Feb 25 in Doha, Qatar. It comes after Moscow Talks early this month amid controversies whether some key Taliban members could join since they r UN blacklist. Govt still not invited!
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐟𝐠𝐡𝐚𝐧 Feb 21
special forces killed two and captured a taliban prison in province of Afghanistan.
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Sapna Feb 19
Replying to @bakhabar_bash @a_siab
Yeah and you are by far the first so called racist girl using name of Afghan and posting pro Pakistan crap. Says alot about how you are paki spy.
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Tariq Ghazniwal Feb 21
: If the , members of the Security Council and the truly believe in a peaceful resolution for the problem, then the elimination of this blacklist is an absolute necessity for the continuation and success of this negotiations process.
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