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NickGreenergy 18h
To live under neoliberal capitalism is to accept/submit to a bundle of rights necessary for capital accumulation and the socio-ecological externalities associated with a pathological addiction to growth...
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Rem2000 & 2016 Jan 21
Replying to @WalshFreedom
Had I behaved the way those boys did, my parents would have been embarrassed and had me atone in some appropriate way for my transgressions. The parents of the smirking brat hired a public relations firm to cover up his obnoxious behavior. ? Wrong on this one, Joe.
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Brad(Madiba)Richmond Apr 20
I've always been told, ignorance of the law is no excuse! But being black and having to deal with a legal system built on a long standing double standard. Of special treatment for the rich and powerful.
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Carol Campbell Mar 9
Replying to @MuslimIQ @JenGranholm
I grew up in the type of white, upper class, privileged community that is allowed to get away with racism and I can tell you there absolutely IS a double standard...Anyone who wants to say otherwise had better present an argument with miles of support.
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Archivist1000 Apr 19
Replying to @samstein @lpbrown7
And JUNIOR is too stupid to know better.
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KyaniteD Apr 18
Replying to @AOC @AllResistNews
A system where being rich is considered a legitimate defense.
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Progressive Push Apr 20
How Luxury Developers Use a Loophole to Build Soaring Towers for the Ultrarich in N.Y. "Floors reserved for structural and mechanical equipment, no matter how much, do not count against a building’s maximum size under the laws,"
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Progressive Push Apr 5
Stephen King Nails Why The College Admissions Scandal Is ‘Normal’ In The Age Of Trump “Are you surprised that rich parents are bribing their rich kiddies into top schools? Shocked, even? Don’t be.” via
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Adrienne Lawrence Apr 8
Random Prediction re : I think one of these kids whose parents secretly bribed them into college might try to sue their parents for fraud, emotional distress, among other things. It'd be peak privilege and on brand.
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Sue Riddlestone Apr 12
“The struggle to address catastrophic is about survival of our children and our species. The planet will be fine without us. We need to address the worst disease we have” at
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Dawn Neufeld Jan 22
BREAKING: Officials say an epidemic of is quickly spreading across our nation. (Sh)it is apparently easily contracted and hard to get rid of (like herpes?). Symptoms include racism, entitlement, denial, victim mentality, and enabling such behaviors.
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18CRIM850 Mar 14
But that would’ve been asking a bit too much.
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Rosetta_Mic-Drop ;D Mar 7
Remember the RICH, white, entitled teen in 2013 who killed 4 people while driving under the influence, yet was given a ridiculously light sentence due to "affluenza"? (Being too affluent to do prison time) The Manafort sentencing is like that. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♀️<Trend it on Twitter
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AMGchi Apr 19
Same guys in my assault lawsuit. Driz family values. Former SoCal Blaze Pizza operators to pay nearly $500K in sexual harassment lawsuit
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Propane Jane™ Feb 26
Replying to @CBSNews
Paul Manafort asks for shorter prison sentence, citing poor health, remorse via Bullshit. 💩
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Nolite Mar 13
Replying to @TMZ
Olivia Jade Giannulli didn’t “crew” all the way home from the yacht? problems.
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The Resistance! Feb 20
Replying to @Amy_Siskind
Suing media outlets doesn’t seem like the way you would get the world to forget the picture of your smug affluent white kid provoking & antagonizing minorities in a public space. But, I’m sure they’re great parents otherwise.
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ECL🌿 Jan 19
Replying to @Acosta
You know that there will be one parent in that bunch that will hire someone to find something negative about that Native American Veteran, all in an attempt to make their child look less villainous.
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Archivist1000 Apr 18
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CivilWesterner  #DamRight 7h
Replying to @cosminDZS @OFF_TLMEP
Bombmaker, liberal beneficiary of millions, killer of an allies father and medic, enters to applause and standing ovation by affluent westerners living in Quebec suffering from delusions Uoside down word. A return to Eden or Gomorrah.
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