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8-Bit-Relic Mar 20
2/2 discussion, how do you think you will be able to represent your country or even only your voters in a parliament? You are just pathetic.
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Hamzeh Alavirad Mar 15
Replying to @HeikoMaas
And haven't reacted to this attack yet!
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Megatwingo Mega 9h
Buhuhuh.... 😄 Getriggert? 😎
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Gerhard Schäffer Mar 13
Replying to @dunjahayali
Die AfD freut es 😈😁
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paolo reg. 21h
Replying to @EuropeElects
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Michael Mar 19
Media Center a page with french language spread the audio message from ! In this video, the also refers to and the in ! They are targeting the anti-Islamic movement but they said they are so called crusaders!
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charly.hoermann Mar 15
Replying to @Emilydische
gratulation .
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Mark 🇪🇺 24h
Replying to @fuecks
Kubicki would also represent a good face for the . All funded by the same source.
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AR Family Dental 15h
Dental veneers allow you to fill in missing or stained portions of your teeth, restoring functionality and beauty to your smile. Here's everything you need to know about dental veneers!
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Davut Tekin Mar 15
Replying to @Davut_Tekin_
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Nada Boy 1h
The german which show their support for the are AGAINST Inclusion at schools and want to exclude people with disabilities under legal care from voting. Their "support" is just image-building to mask their own ableism.
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Steffi Hof ✊🏻❤ Mar 15
Replying to @haraldlaatsch
Congratulation, the dumbest tweet ever!
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W00D00H 🌶 Mar 18
Replying to @washingtonpost
Would it help against in Germany? Should we try it?
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Teddy #BREXIT with NO DEAL Mar 17
Replying to @TeddyUKIPClark
I WILL follow respect and help all
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subtrendence 18m
Replying to @helllud123 @drevoigt
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Gustav C. Gressel 19h
Replying to @_up_and_away_ @spdde
Yes, and it is scary to watch. As if the would run the on reflexive control modus...
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Dennys Brands 3h
Keep cool in the hottest of kitchens with our AFD chefs jacket. Now available with long sleeves! -
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🇩🇪 Stephan Brandner 💯% 4h
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Nada Boy 5h
is joining ? one of their members bashed Pablo Pineda "not being able to be a teacher". The NGO *Lebenshilfe*declared it's absolute incompatibility with this extremist party.They even asked how much migrants are severely disabled because of incest.
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VIETRADE International Relations 7h
Also in . D-6 Seminar on “Sharing experiences on trade promotion capacity building to support Vietnamese SMEs” on 27/3/2019 in Ho Chi Minh City! A corporation between , financed by
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